Want to have some Best WordPress Blog Themes? Here you’ve arrived at the right web page, and today we will introduce Best WordPress Blog Themes that we think are best to have in 2018. SO, let’s begin….

Whether you talk about blogging or any other niche, themes are the core element of a website. Themes are the keys to attract and hold your reader’s attention with quality content. A relevant theme allows bloggers to connect with their audience effectively. Moreover, a theme is the essential part of blogging. You can’t imagine succeeding without connecting with your audience. So, having a quality and reverent theme is mandatory. Therefore, here we will introduce top 7 Best WordPress Blog Themes that we think are best to have in 2018.

Enough jargons, so now let’s proceed and explore some Best WordPress Blog Themes.

7 Best WordPress Blog Themes

#1 Hoffman

Best WordPress Blog Themes

If you’re looking for an excellent theme with elegant design, Hoffman is made for you. It’s one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes that has everything to make you wow. It will take all your efforts to the next level of blogging. It has the exquisite design, buttons, typography, and color schemes. Also, the best thing about Hoffman is it fits almost every publishing website and offer experience precisely as you’re reading a book. Overall, its one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes with elegant design and excellent features to deliver you and your audience the best experience.

Eye-Catching Features:

  • Mobile Friendly Theme
  • Flat Design
  • Dual Page Template
  • Photo Gallery With Slideshow
  • Jetpack integrated
  • Retina Ready  


#2 Cenote

best free wordpress theme for blogging

Whether you’re a newbie or professional blogger, Cenote is made to make blog creation easy and boost the overall appearance of your blog page. Its simplicity and beauty make it one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes. It has everything, both technical and non-technical features, that most of the bloggers seek in a quality theme. Thus, if you want to have a premium theme experience and deliver the best content exploring experience to your audience, Cenote is one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes to have. Also, It’s best for SEO optimization with great speedy performance. Overall,  the cenote is designed to make blog creation easier for newbies and help them to proliferate as top rated and pro bloggers. Its one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes.

Some Of Its Excellent Features:

  • Fully responsive theme
  • Both broad and  boxed layout is available
  • Custom widgets
  • Post layout options
  • Translation capabilities

#3 Adler

free wordpress personal blog themes

If you’re into blogging with creative ideas and goals, Adler can help you to add extra flare on your contents. It’s another one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes that looks similar to a notebook with handwritten marks, fonts and other abilities. Also, it’s a very responsive theme with photo-friendly characteristics that offer full screen featured images. Therefore, Adler is some of the Best WordPress Blog Themes with a clean and elegant design that help creative writers to target and connect with their audience effectively.

Some of its eye-catching features:

  • Very responsive theme design
  • Translation Ready
  • Full-screen layout
  • Beautiful Appearance
  • Decent Typography
  • Photo-friendly

#4 Editor

best free wordpress blog themes 2018

If you love full screen blog themes, you will find no other Best WordPress Blog Themes than Editor. With great appearance and features, Editor is one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes that you must have. Also, it has an upright menu option that works as a sidebar as well. This sidebar helps to switch one from another effortlessly. It has multipurpose design and looks very similar to an online magazine. So, with all these qualities and features its one of the powerful theme that offer wings to the bloggers to fly high. Overall, its one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes that you should have.

Eye-Catching Features:

  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Jetpack compatible
  • Quick access sidebar
  • Translation ready

#5 Magnus

free wordpress blog themes responsive

If you’re not planning to invest in WordPress themes, Magnus is one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes that offer best feature and functionalities without affecting your wallet. Magnus itself comes with homage consisting of beautiful images and animations. Every post has decent typography, featured full-screen image and latest design. Overall, it has everything to make an entry to this list of Best WordPress Blog Themes. So, you will not encounter any displeasing or disappointing stuff with this theme.

Eye-catching features:

  • Full-Screen Feature Images
  • Responsive Theme Design
  • Translation Ready

#6 Oblique

best free wordpress themes

It’s one of those Best WordPress Blog Themes that looks decent and offer the best content creation experience. It’s dark background, grid layout and parallax header are some excellent features of Oblique. Also, it shapes contents obliquely as well. Overall, if you want to put your stories in the spotlight, it’s a must-have theme for your WordPress blog. Overall, With all its feature, design and appearance, Oblique is one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes.

Best Features:

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Widgets
  • Translation ready
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Custom colors
  • responsive theme design

#7 Vito

best free wordpress blog themes 2018

It’s again one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes with the clean and beautiful design. It has standard blog layout, full-screen feature images, beautiful animations and appearance that will take your blogging efforts to the next level with positive results. Also, this theme is designed to offer better SEO optimization. Therefore, you can expect satisfactory SEO results with this theme. Overall, it’s made to make your content compelling and beat the competition around.So, Its features, clean and beautiful design make it one of the Best WordPress Blog Themes.

Eye-Catching Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Social Links
  • CSS animation
  • SEO optimize
  • Translation Ready


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So, that’s the list of top 7 Best WordPress Blog Themes. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and it has delivered some valuable information to you. Hope you will be able to pick the relevant and Best WordPress Blog Themes for your website. Also,  All the best for your blogging goals.


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