Are you looking for some best WordPress backup plugins? Your search ends here. Here we will list and review top 7 best WordPress backup plugins available out there for you.

If you want secure data of your website, the best step you can take is creating WordPress backup. Backups are the best way to have peace of mind and handle catastrophic situations like website hacking, accidentally lockings etc. There are so many free and paid WordPress backup options available, and these options will do nothing but make things more challenging for you to pick the best backup plugin for your website.  So, to eliminate all the hassles, TheWebsiteDev is here with some best WordPress backup plugins which are best in the market and are easy to use. So, let’s get started with the lists without wasting any more time.

Important Note: Most of the WP hosting service providers provide the user with limited backup service. It’s solely your responsibility to backup your website and takes care of things related to data backup. It’s good to never rely entirely on hosting service provider for backup solutions.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

#1 UpdraftPlus

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

If you’re looking for a free option to backup your website, UpdraftPlus is made for you. It will help you to create a complete backup of your website without any hassle. Also, this plugin can either store your data on cloud storage or can also download to your computer.

Want to schedule your backup? No problem, this plugin comes with features that will help you to schedule your website backup stuff and will take care of that automatically. What’s more? UpdraftPlus can upload all your website backup files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, S3, SFTP, Email, Rackspace and many other cloud storage platforms. Also, you will get an option to choose the files that you want to backup.

If it’s free version features are not enough for you, you can always switch to be a premium user. The premium account will give you features to clone your website, migrate your website, database replacement, and so many other premium features. Overall, this one is among the best WordPress backup plugins that we think can be a great option in 2018.

#2 BackupBuddy

backupbuddy wordpress backup plugin

This one is a great WordPress backup plugin and is favourite of many WP users. With BackupBuddy, you can comfortably schedule weekly, monthly or even daily backups. Also, it has abilities to upload all your essential backup files directly to the secured cloud storage platforms like Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, Stash, Rackspace Cloud and even you would be able to email backups to yourself.

What’s more? With BackupBuddy, you will also be able to perform real-time backup activities on your website. The best part, it doesn’t come with any subscription plan. That’s, there is no need to pay monthly charges. You can use this plugin on several websites that you’ve mentioned in your plan. Also, it offers excellent support forum accessibility to users so that they get regular updates, and 1 GB of storage on their cloud platform to store their backup files. So, BackupBuddy is another plugin among the best WordPress backup plugins that actually works as it promises.

#3 BackupWordPress

wordpress full backup plugin

It’s again one of the best WordPress backup plugins which are designed mainly for WordPress websites. Also, it supports automatic backup schedules to make things much easier for you. With BackupWordPress plugin, you would be able to create different backup schedules for your website files and database. The plugin has only one negative side, and that’s you can’t save backup files to cloud storage platforms with its free version.

If you want to store your website backups to cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP etc. then you will have to buy its premium package to do so. The service extension is available on the basis of each service, and you’re free to buy the one you need or even the whole bundle if required. So, BackupWordPress plugin is another plugin which is at #3 position in the list of best WordPress backup plugins. Also, don’t go with this plugin if you want to get cloud storage features in free version plugin.

#4 BackWPUp

backup wordpress site to computer

It’s another excellent plugin among the best WordPress backup plugins that comes with a set of great features. It can help you to create entire website backup without paying any subscription fee. Also, you will get accessibility to upload all your website backup files to cloud storage like Dropbox, Amazon S3 etc. or you can even download backup files to your laptop or PC.

It’s a super easy to use plugin that can schedule all your backup plans automatically as per the update frequency of your website.

It is also extremely easy to restore a website using BackWPUp. If you want to go with its premium subscription, you will get priority support and the ability to upload your website files to Google Drive and other cool features. So, with all these excellent features, BackWPUp is another plugin that we think deserves to be here in the list of best WordPress backup plugins.

#5 Duplicator

updraftplus wordpress backup plugin

As the name “Duplicator” already suggests, it’s a plugin that can help you migrate your WordPress website easily with ease. Well, don’t misunderstand its name, the plugin also comes with backup features. However, with Duplicator, you will not be able to schedule automatic backups for your website and that we think is the drawback and displeasing factor associated with Duplicator plugin. Overall, this plugin still has a set of some cool features, and that’s why we have mentioned it here in the list of best WordPress backup plugins in 2018.

#6 VaultPress (With Jetpack)

best free wordpress backup plugin 2018

VaultPress was founded by the co-founder of WordPress Mr Matt Mullenweg and his development team at Automattic.

Recently, this plugin has got associated with another famous product of Automattic called “JetPack.” So, in order to use this backup plugin, you would need the subscription of jetpack plan. The package is available at different rates on the basis of premium features that a user wants to access.

This backup plugin tool offers automatic real-time cloud-based backup solution starting at an affordable subscription price of $3.50/month. Also setting up this plugin and restoring from backup with this plugin is just a game of a few clicks. They also provide users with security checks with certain packages.

Well, there are few negative sides as well which are associated with VaultPress. First of all, it comes with continuous investment plan. Also, if you have multiple WordPress websites, then this plugin will cost you way more than any other plugin in this list. Secondly, to access and use this plugin, you will have to subscribe to JetPack. Also, you need a account, and you need to install jetpack plugin on your WordPress website.

Also, it’s basic plans store backup files only for 30-days. If you want lifetime backup archive, you will have to pay $29 a month for your every website. Overall, with its premium features and abilities, this one is another backup plugin among the best WordPress backup plugins in 2018. However, if you’re a beginner, this one is not for you as it’s significantly more expensive than another backup plugin in the list.

#7 WP-DB-Backup

best wordpress backup plugin 2018

With over 400K installs, this one is a popular and one of the best WordPress backup plugins. The only problem with this plugin is it only backup database of WordPress website. Which means, if you want to backup media files, you will have to do that manually. Well, it’s for you if you don’t update your website frequently or don’t upload Media files to your website.

It’s really easy to create database backups with WP-DP-Backup plugin. It also supports automatic database backup schedule and can also help in restoring the database. So, this one is another plugin that we think you can use for your website. The kind of features it is offering at zero subscription fee is really great. And that’s the reason we have included it in the list of best WordPress backup plugins in 2018.


So, that’s the list of top 7 best WordPress backup plugins that you can have in 2018. Also, read  “Top 5 Best VPN Service For WordPress Users In 2018” and “10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes In 2018.” So, that’s it for now. Also, stay tuned with us to get more such amazing and exciting posts related to WordPress and web technologies.

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