Are you looking for best VPN service for your WordPress website? Here we have listed and compared five best VPN service for WordPress users. Have a look below to get familiar with everything.

VPNs are getting more popular these days due to security and privacy concerns. VPN stands for the virtual personal network that helps a user to protect his privacy, secure information and bypass censorship. If you’re looking for some best VPN services for WordPress, here you’ve arrived on the right website. Here we will explain everything from what VPN is to some best VPN service options available out there.

What’s VPN and Why It’s Important?

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As said, VPN is a virtual private network that helps a user to protect and secure his internet connection and his identity.

We are living in a high-tech age where almost everyone uses the internet on multiple devices. If you use compromise public WiFi network, then hackers may get a chance to hack your personal information such as credit card details, password, personal files, browsing history, etc. Also, they can install malware on your WP website, hack your social profiles, and can even steal your bank account details.

Even direct internet connection is also not that safe. Hackers can still access your personal information.

So, VPN comes into the picture to protect and secure your internet connection and identity. It helps a user browse internet privately and anonymously using different countries encryption, also called IP address. So, in that case, VPN helps the user to skip restrictions on country-specific contents on popular websites like Netflix, BBC, YouTube, etc.

Being a WordPress website owner, VPN can be your best friend to improve the overall security of your website. Also, if you’re already using SSL then using VPN services will add multiple encryption layers to hide almost all your activities.  

How VPN Works?

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You must be knowing that internet traffic goes through several different servers that are spread worldwide. This traffic can be spied. Hackers and the government of your country can always access your browsing history and can trace your online activities.

So, A VPN creates a private network that no one can spy. It works as one to one network between your system or device and the server of VPN.

When you try to access any website using your device with VPN service enabled, VPN server works to encrypt your access request and deliver that to the server of VPN.

The VPN server then requests the relevant Information from the target site and encrypt that before actually sending that back to your system or device.

It makes your internet connection secure and away from the hacker’s prying eye, ISP, and government.

So, that’s how VPN actually work. Now let’s get started with the list of top 5 best VPN services for WordPress users.

5 Best VPN Service For WordPress

#1 StrongVPN

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It’s one of the best VPN Service For WordPress that has more than 12k clients worldwide. StrongVPN servers are spread across 24 countries and 47 leading cities.

It offers strong and high standard encryption without any bandwidth capping, that means there is nothing like premium and more premium accounts. Its features and functionalities are the same for all users. Also, there is StrongDNS service that provides the user with bypass censorship abilities without compromising security and internet speed. What makes this VPN best VPN service for WordPress is its excellent features and high standard encryption abilities. Also, you can use both these features together with StrongVPN to enjoyed ultimate privacy. Also, you can use only StrongDNS if your primary purpose is just to pass the censorship.

For the convenience of users, StrongVPN also offers applications for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. All its applications are super easy to setup and use. Even if you’re a Non-Tech savvy user, you will find applications of StrongVPN easy to use and operate. Also, there is no device limitation, which means you can use their service on unlimited no. of devices with one single account. Overall, this one is the best VPN service for WordPress users that you can have in 2018 for your website.

Pricing Of StrongVPN: StrongVPN is available at an extremely fair price tag of $5.83/month. You will be billed annually for using services.

#2 IPVanish

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IPvanish is one of most reputed and the best provider of VPN service for WordPress users in the world. They are known for offering world-class easy to use VPN services that can be used comfortably by both experts and newbies.

It helps the user to connect with the secured network and enjoy VPN services with advanced security levels. They allow using their services on up to five devices with one single account at a time. They are also available as an application for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

All its applications come with a user-friendly interface and are super easy to use.

IPvanish has 40K+ shared networks and 750+ servers worldwide in 60+ countries including India. Users are free to use the IPs of any country or region. Also, their application automatically suggests users the fastest servers available for them.

If speed is an essential concern for you, IPVanish is something that you must try. What’s makes this VPN the best VPN service for WordPress users is its incredible speed due to its robust network, bandwidth, capacity, and infrastructure.

It encrypts all internet connections with 256 Bit AES encryption. This encryption mode is the highest industry standard known till date. Also, IPVanish allows unlimited P2P connections which are used for torrents without any bandwidth capping. Also, they provide zero log policy, that means none of your online activities will get monitored or stored by the service provider. So, overall this one is another VPN service among the best VPN service for WordPress users that will not disappoint you at any stage.

Pricing For IPVanish: It will cost you around $6.99 annually.

#3 ExpressVPN

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ExpressVPN is another best VPN service for WordPress users that offer a robust network of around 145+ locations in 90+ countries. Also, they provide a high standard of encryption to keep your Identity and information secured.

It also comes with easy to use applications for all major and minor platforms and devices. Also, it allows unlimited server switching, and thus you will be able to hop from one to another geolocation with just one click.

Also, it allows the user to connect simultaneously upto three devices using one single VPN account. Well, that’s quite lower than other VPN service providers we have listed here.

What’s more? ExpressVPN also allows users to share files over the connection and P2P connection without limiting speed and downloads. Also, to ensure user privacy, they offer zero log policy. So, with all these features and functionalities, this one is another VPN service among the best VPN service for WordPress users in 2018.

Pricing For ExpressVPN: It will cost you around $8.25/month/user annually.

#4 NordVPN

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It’s a popular VPN option that we have included in this list of top 5 best VPN service for WordPress in 2018. It has a big network of 760+ server locations across the world in 55+ different regions and countries.

It comes with user-friendly applications to make things easier. Its applications are designed to help users to connect instantly with servers and switch between geolocation within no time without compromising with speed and revealing users identity. It allows upto six connections per account using different servers and locations.

They offer double layer encryption technology and high standard encryption for the best protection. These features and qualities make NordVPN a perfect choice to use internet over public WiFi networks.

It also allows P2P connections without any speed or download capping, and thus it’s ideal for torrenting. Like others in this list of best VPN service for WordPress users, it also offers zero log policy to ensure complete privacy of users. Also, there is a default kill switch available that will not let you compromise with your security in case if the connection fails accidentally. So, with all these features and functionalities, NordVPN is at rank #4 in the list of top 5 best VPN service for WordPress users.

Pricing For NordVPN: Its packages starts from $5.75 per month with annually billing.

#5 OverPlay

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OverPlay is another VPN among the best VPN service for WordPress users with great features and security level. It has all those features that you need to maintain the security and privacy of your website at it’s best. Its network is spread over 65+ countries and has 650+ servers to offer users the best VPN experience in 50+ countries.

Also, they offer industry-level encryption to secure internet connection with a zero-lag policy for better privacy and security purposes.

What’s more? SmartDNS is also there to make internet connection more secure and that don’t allow users to compromise with speed and downloads. It can be more beneficial for you if your primary goal is to access blocked websites in your country.

Combining both SmartDNS and VPN service together, you will be able to enjoy secure internet connection over public WiFi signals. Also, you won’t have any issue with speed or anything using OverPlay VPN.

Also, it offers peer to peer connection without any download or bandwidth caps. It also comes with apps for major and popular devices and platforms. So, overall, if you’re looking for an all in one VPN option, OverPlay can be the best VPN service for WordPress users like you in 2018.

Pricing For OverPlay VPN: It will cost you $8.33 per month with annual billings for SmartDNS plus VPN package.


After exploring all these best VPN service for WordPress users, we found that StrongVPN can be an ideal option in 2018. They are offering the best security and user-friendly apps for users with lightning fast speed and vast network.

IPVanish is the next best VPN service for WordPress users. They are offering similar features as other providers are offering with excellent StrongDNS service.

So, that’s all about the top 5 best VPN service for WordPress users. Also, read 10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes In 2018 and How To Fix “Error Establishing A Database Connection” In WordPress Website. So, that’s it for now. Stay tuned with us for more such interesting posts.

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