The new WordPress Gutenberg editor is the most controversial update which is soon to be released officially with WordPress 5.0 in 2018 end or 2019 beginning. However, for those who can’t wait that long to experience the change, they can grab it as a plugin.

The WordPress Gutenberg has raised the temperature globally with its readiness to eliminate and replace classic WordPress editor.

In fact, if you will explore WordPress forums, you will find that some developers have also questioned this editor replacement and are completely against it. Some of them think that WordPress Gutenberg will do nothing but will allow WordPress users to mess up with their website. Also, it will increase the overall development effort and will reduce the productivity.

I was just surfing the Official  forum page and found that a developer has also said that WordPress Gutenberg will be a disaster for WordPress and probably the end of WordPress era.

So, let’s explore the things more clearly to know whether the new WordPress Gutenberg editor will be a revolutionary change or a disaster for WordPress and respective developers..

What’s The Difference Between New WordPress Gutenberg Editor And The Classic WordPress Editor?

Classic WordPress Text Editor
Classic WordPress Text Editor

Have you ever used WIX, SquareSpace or Weebly as web design and development platform? If yes then you must be familiar with “blocks.”  The new WordPress Gutenberg editor uses the same editing system. Well, there other platforms like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. that uses the same block editing system as well.

The New WordPress Gutenberg Editor
WordPress Gutenberg

As you know, the new WordPress Gutenberg editor is in the development phase right now, and officials are presently working on the drag and drop feature that makes things easier to create rows and columns for blog and websites. Right after this, they will start working on the core element of the new WordPress Gutenberg editor, called Gutenblocks. Once it is ready, you will be able to add all your stuff including text, images, videos, and other elements into the blocks.  

That’s the main difference between the new WordPress Gutenberg editor and Classic WordPress editor. It’s all about blocks and offering advanced features to customize the content and overall appearance with ease.

Visit An Introduction To WordPress Gutenberg to get familiar with every basic aspects of WordPress Gutenberg.

How Will The New WordPress Gutenberg Editor Impact WordPress Platform?

With the new WordPress Gutenberg editor, it will be the first time in last many years WordPress has put itself in make it or break it scenario. However, there are developers, including me, who appreciate this revolutionary change to proceed to next level.

The New WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Till now, the new WordPress Gutenberg editor has got mixed views from all the developers and WP users across the globe. Well, some of them are supporting this change whereas others are ultimately against the replacement of classic WP editor with new WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

The New WordPress Gutenberg Editor

The new WordPress Gutenberg editor can be a revolutionary change to boost the overall productivity. However, considering all the negative views it has received, the new WordPress Gutenberg might also be a big flop. According to few users who have used the new WordPress Gutenberg editor as a plugin, it’s better to use it as a plugin than a core part of WordPress platform.

The New WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Overall, if the new WordPress Gutenberg editor succeeds, WordPress will reach unbeatable levels. However, if it will flop, WordPress will inevitably lose some reputation.

To know more about performance and features of WordPress Gutenberg, visit WordPress Gutenberg Editor: Performance, Features, Pros & Cons

Impact of The New WordPress Gutenberg editor on Users

There is no specific target; the new WordPress Gutenberg editor will affect almost everyone.  

If you don’t own any website or blogs yet, you’re on a safer side. If you’re planning to have one by next year, the impact of the new WordPress Gutenberg will not be that extreme to you.

Looking at the past, WordPress has introduced significant changes. Users accepted all the changes happily and got used to those updates with time. Also, the updates released earlier were in series, that’s one after another. Thus, users had sufficient time to get familiar with the previous one before a new update arrived.

Now, in the new WordPress Gutenberg editor case, changes are supposed to be quick. In fact, it will be quick. That’s the main reason why WordPress users doubt this new revolutionary change by WordPress.

Fact is, classic WordPress editor is around us from last many years, and we all get used to it. Now when the WordPress is about to come up with some significant change, none of us wants to lose our comfort.

Better You Experience It

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin
WordPress Gutenberg Plugin

If you want to experience how things work with the new WordPress Gutenberg editor, you can get the plugin here. Well, don’t forget that it’s still in development and you will get only its beta version for now. So, its sure that you will encounter various bugs frequently.

I would recommend you do not experience or experiment with it on the official blog that you frequently use. Also, its in beta phase so have an eye on cautions.


That’s all about the new WordPress Gutenberg editor, and its both positive and negative. Hope this post has elaborated what actually you’re seeking for. Keep following us to stay updated with more stuff related to the new WordPress Gutenberg editor.

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Comments to: The New WordPress Gutenberg Editor: A Revolutionary Change Or Disaster?
  • June 30, 2018

    This is what I’ve been saying all along – roll Gutenberg into as the default editor and then have it as an option via Jetpack or a standalone plugin for self-hosted installs.

  • August 25, 2018

    With Gutenberg I was presented with a blank page for a post and no directions as to where to put what or even how to publish to my blog. Before installing the plugin for Gutenberg I had updated a page title as we were introducing Vol. 15 of our magazine. During the installation of the plugin the page title reverted to Vol. 14–I spent hours on two separate occasions trying to post something and to fix the title update. The only successful moment I can report is the deletion of the plugin. Please leave this bug-infested, not-ready-for-prime-time-players as a plug in. Thank you

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