Let’s proceed with the post to know how new Gutenberg Editor will affect previous contents on WordPress…

I’m sure that by now you all are familiar with new Gutenberg editor and its aspects. Also, I’m expecting that you’ve followed my previous posts and you know that WordPress Gutenberg is going to be the default WordPress editor soon. So, here we will discuss and elaborate two key points for now:

  • How will this new Gutenberg editor affect the previous contents?
  • Whether the new Gutenberg editor will affect positively or negatively?

By the end of this post, I’m sure you will get the answers to both these questions.


Before we proceed, I want you to have a look at my previous posts on WordPress Gutenberg, which are:  “An Introduction To WordPress“, ”WordPress Gutenberg Editor: Performance, Features, Pros & Cons“ and ” The New WordPress Gutenberg Editor: A Revolutionary Change Or Disaster?

Get an overview first before you proceed here. Previous posts will help you to have the right exposure and after that things will become more comfortable in this post for you to understand.

New Gutenberg Editor’s Effects on Previously Created Contents

New Gutenberg Editor's Effects on Previously Created Contents
WordPress Gutenberg

First of all, you need to download and install Gutenberg Plugin to edit your target page. Also, the new Gutenberg editor developers have designed it in such a way that it will automatically consider all your previous content on the respective page as only HTML block.

With new Gutenberg editor, you will get options to either leave your page as it is or edit as HTML. All those users that are familiar and are comfortable with HTML editing will surely love this option.

Now as you can see in the below image, we have another option right below the “Edit As HTML option”. That’s, ” Convert To Blocks.” The moment you click and select this option, all your respective page content will get converted to blocks.

The new Gutenberg editor Will Affect Previous Contents On WordPress Positively Or Negatively?


However, if you have only text on your page with paragraph format and nothing else, they will get converted to separate blocks. Moreover, if you’ve contents on the page that is mixed, the text and respective shortcodes will become separate blocks after converting them into the blocks. The shortcode will be clearly visible, and you can edit that as well, including the text blocks.

You will undoubtedly notice some visual changes in the admin area, but your audience will not find any difference. Content will look exactly same as earlier to your audience.

Blocks Editing

Blocks Editing

So, you’ve converted one of your previous content into blocks using new Gutenberg editor in the previous section. Now, you can start editing the individual text blocks. That’s something which actually defines the power and functionality of new Gutenberg editor.

Once you start editing your content, thenew Gutenberg editor will provide you with some great options to edit your previously created content with ease. You’re allowed to change font size font color, the background color of individual blocks containing the text. Furthermore, you can also add separate CSS class name to particular blocks. It will make things easier to add more custom CSS.

The options and tools provided by new Gutenberg editor can change depending upon the content type you’re editing. There are various block types including heading, gallery, images, videos, quotes, lists, etc. Also, the new Gutenberg editor offers 35+ effortless embed options from various favorite websites. All you need to do is just drop the embed wherever you want to place and paste the respective link. That’s it.

Whether The new Gutenberg editor Will Affect Previous Contents On WordPress Positively Or Negatively?  

I’m sure you must have gone through the negative review of WordPress new Gutenberg editor and probably you might be believing them. However, things are not as said in reviews. I believe most of the negative review posted was by those users who haven’t touched the new Gutenberg editor yet. In Fact, I was also considering new Gutenberg editor as WordPress breakdown factor, but that was my mistake. Once i used it as a plugin, i found it really impressive and satisfactory. So, all the new Gutenberg editor effects are impressive, definite and satisfactory. Check out some positive reviews here, you will definitely understand the things. There is nothing to worry about. WordPress is moving a step ahead to offer advance editing experience to its users with Gutenberg.


In this post, I’ve just described and elaborated how new Gutenberg editor will affect all your previously created and posted contents. Will let you know how to add custom blocks and more advance new Gutenberg editor tutorials in coming posts. Keep following to stay updated with every new Gutenberg editor stuff.

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