Wanna know how to get started and make money with PPC? Here is an ultimate guide for you. The online money-making approaches are never going to fade. All you need to do is hard work and put quality efforts to succeed. 

So, hello it’s The Website Dev and today I’m back with something new for you. Something that more than 70-80% of people opt to make online money, that’s called “PPC” (Pay Per Click). Today I’m going to explore what it is, why it is, what are the options and how to make money with it. So, read this post till the end to get familiar with all the stuff and every aspect of PPC. 

What Actually Is PPC?

Paid per click is also known as paid marketing or cost per click (CPC). It’s an online marketing approach used by small and big businesses to attract and drive traffic to their website by advertising ads of their website, product, and services to someone’s other website. 

Usually, they opt to show their ads on the relevant website and on those with high traffic volume. They use to pay the target website owner to display their ads on the website. In Fact, it’s like buying ad space on someone’s website to promote the website, product, and services. 

Have you seen ads by google on top of SERP? That’s what is called PPC. Businesses pay Google to show their product, service and website ads on top of the SERP just to get some traffic and boost the conversion rate. PPC or CPC is very popular on search engines like google, yahoo, bing, and others. However, you can also find them on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How PPC Works?

Businesses purchase ad space on a website, that’s the primary objective of PPC or CPC. Now, once a visitor comes to your page and clicks the ad links, the respective business will pay you for that.  The PPC or CPC of any website depends on the popularity and traffic volume that a particular website has. 

That’s, if you have high traffic volume on your website and your website is one of those reputed ones, you will be charging more for CPC ads on your website. However, you will be able to claim your charges to the business owner showing ads on your website only and only when visitors of your website will click on the ad link and will proceed to visit the respective business website showing ads on your website.  

You can also consider pay per click as very similar to search engine marketing, as there are similarities. PPC provides immediate benefits instead of building a slow reputation over the internet and long-term search engine marketing benefits.  Also, PPC is known to offer instant results because as soon as a business pays for ad space on a website, the business gets featured top on SERP and thus high volume traffic comes to the business, and maximum conversion is made. 

Taking about the bads of PPC, you will get paid only when the visitor will click on ads shown on your website. However, that’s the most significant thing for businesses that use to display ads as they will not have to pay for getting popularity. 

So, that’s how actually PPC/CPC works and pays you for showing ads on your website and thus allows you to make money with PPC.

How To Make Money With PPC?

Fact is, PPC is one of those approaches that help both businesses and the third party high traffic volume website to make money with it. 

On the business website side, PPC helps them to make money by boasting traffic through some other website, and that again results in conversion. On the other hand, the respective third party high traffic volume website makes money with PPC by exciting their visitors to follow the advertisement link. 

As soon as a visitor clicks on the advertisement link the business website showing ads on the third-party website will have to pay for that specific ad link click by a visitor. Now again, the amount that a third party website gets depends on the reputation and visitors volume on his/her website. Moreover, PPC can be implemented on a site in other formats as well, like a banner advertisement or revenue sharing plans, etc. 

How To Succeed And Make Money With PPC?

Your website reputation and the number of visitors your website has defines the amount that you will earn. The businesses who will buy ad space on your website will determine how much they will pay you per click, that’s why it’s called Cost Per Click (CPC). Have a look below to get familiar with some major points if you are planning to get into PPC and make money with PPC.

  • Work on your website to gain a reputation on the internet globally
  • Make sure your pages rank on Google and other search engines.
  • Don’t run behind money, add value to the website and deliver it to your visitors

That’s it. Once you gain reputations and have enough traffic volume, you can get into the world of PPC and can make money with it.  

What Are The Best PPC Publishers? 

Here is the list of some best PPC and Network publishers. Have a look below to get familiar with them.

#1 PropellerAds

#1 PropellerAds
  • Features: Video Ads, Image Ads, One Click Ads, etc.
  • Money making options: PPC, CPA, CPL
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Mode: Paypal

#2 Bidvertiser 

  • Features: Image, Popup, Banner etc.
  • Money Making options: PPC, CPA, CPL, etc.
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payment Mode: Paypal

#3 Infolinks Ads

Infolinks Ads Make Money With PPC
  • Features: image ads, in-text ads, etc.
  • Money Making Options: PPC, CPL, CPA, etc.
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Mode: Paypal

#4 Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits Make Money With PPC
  • Features: Pop-ups, text ads, etc.
  • Money making options: Mainly PPC
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payment Mode: Paypal

#5 Superlinks

  • Features:   Image, Popup, Banner, etc.
  • Money Making Options: Mainly PPC and CPM
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Mode: Paypal 


So that’s all about what’s PPC and how to make money with PPC. Hope this post has elaborated things correctly and you got enough exposure. Keep following use to get familiar with more money-making approaches. Also, share it with your friends and family who are interested in making money online via their website. Thanks for reading this post here at The Website Dev.

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