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WordPress is all set to launch its new advance editor soon, called “Gutenberg.” WordPress Gutenberg editor has already created buzz among WordPress users. Users are wondering why this change is happening and how it will affect the overall WordPress content publishing experience for users.

WordPress Gutenberg is the most heated debate these days. Users who used the beta version have mixed view regarding this latest WordPress Gutenberg editor. There are so many questions striking WordPress users brain including how? Why? When?

So, here we will expose every aspect of WordPress Gutenberg and make things easier for you.

Enough jargon, let’s start exploring things about WordPress Gutenberg now.

What WordPress Gutenberg?

why WordPress is adding Gutenberg editor
WordPress Gutenberg

Gutenberg is the most prominent and controversial change WordPress has ever made. Since officials have released the notification regarding its release, WordPress users are eagerly waiting to know how it will affect the content publishing experience. WordPress Gutenberg beta users have a sophisticated view regarding it, therefore, its quite difficult to predict how it will affect and what this change will exactly be.

In short, WordPress Gutenberg will be the new content editor that is supposed to change the way people were publishing content/post on WordPress. According to WordPress officials, its high time to say bye WordPress classic editor and experience an advanced level content editing experience with WordPress Gutenberg.

The primary motive behind introducing WordPress Gutenberg is to eliminate all the distraction factors and offer interface concerning the content. WordPress has eliminated and hidden most of the additional options from Gutenberg so that WordPress users can focus more appropriately on content.

Talking about some great addition, Gutenberg is the block-based editor. Blocks are the default key modules that assist users in laying out the publishing content more appropriately.

Why Is WordPress Coming Up With This New Advance Editor?

WordPress has been continuously changing the way users publishing the content on the platform. Continuous innovation is what makes WordPress so reliable. Also, there are some other reputed web builders who changed the way of editing contents online. However, WordPress Gutenberg is not the step towards beating the competition; it’s about making the WordPress platform more advanced and easy to use for every user. The motive behind Gutenberg editor is to move every aspect of WordPress forward for every user, from content publisher to content editors and end users.

What About The Previous Classic WordPress Text Editor?

Classic WordPress Text Editor
Classic WordPress Text Editor

Gutenberg will be the default WordPress editor. However, if you’re still interested in using the classic WordPress editor, then there is already a plugin to have. Get all the details “here“.  Besides that, WordPress Gutenberg already comes with “classic editor” block type that replicates the current interface appearance.

Some Of Its Eye-catching Features

When it’s about feature, WordPress Gutenberg has everything to make WordPress users wow. However, if you’re addicted to WordPress classic editor, things will not be that easy for you. Let’s have a look at some of its eye-catching features.

Before we list WordPress Gutenberg’s feature, let me tell you its under development yet. The features may get changed the time it will officially launch. So all the features we are listing here are concerning its beta version.

  • Block Concept:

WordPress Gutenberg is entirely based on block concept. That’s, you will add a new block every time while adding new text, image, heading, etc. Everything added in a content will get included in a separate block, and that will allow you to style, modify and move the block freely around the area for better customization.

WordPress Gutenberg Features
WordPress Gutenberg Blocks
  • Direct Block Linking:

With WordPress Gutenberg, you will be able to assign HTML anchors directly to the respective blocks.

  • New HTML and Visual Editor:

With Gutenberg editor, there is no need to switch between visual and HTML editor. You can edit blocks separately in both HTML and Visual mode.

  • Table Of Content (Widget):

It is something new that you will get with Gutenberg WordPress editor. “Table of content” widget will automatically appear the time you add two or more than two headings in a post. This widget will let you have the quick overview of the content structure.

  • Embed And Alignment Options:

It’s another great feature added to WordPress Gutenberg editor. With Gutenberg editor, now you can use “full width” and “Wide” options to align your content more appropriately.

When It’s Expected To Release Officially?

Gutenberg editor will release officially with WordPress 5.0. It will be the first significant update in 2018 by WordPress. There is no official announcement by WordPress regarding its release as its still under development. Also, its not sure that Gutenberg editor will release with WordPress version 5.0. Therefore, You may have to wait long to experience the new changes in WordPress.


So that’s all about WordPress Gutenberg advance editor. Hope this post has delivered some valuable information to you. We will discuss other aspects of Gutenberg editor in coming posts. Keep following us to stay updated with more such stuff. Also, click on the following link to know HOW TO ADD SOCIAL LINK IN WordPress USER PROFILE

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