Want to start your own WordPress – WooCommerce based online store? Well, that’s something trending these days, and most of the individuals are considering it as a great startup. If you’re one of them and want to get started with WooCommerce, here we will guide you. We are expert and will help you to know how to get started with WooCommerce. 

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the best WordPress shopping cart plugins with so many excellent default features and additional plugins. It works with minimum manual efforts and instruction. If you want to start your online shopping cart, nothing can be better than WooCommerce.

How TO Get Started With WooCommerce?

WooCommerce requires five essential elements to work correctly. These elements are: 

  • A right platform (Host)
  • Free Host or/Vs. Self Hosted
  • WordPress+WooCommerce
  • Web design by installing the theme, 
  • Extending WooCommerce
  • Add Your First Product Creatively

These are the essential elements that help you to set up WooCommerce correctly.
Lets me explain to you in brief.

#1 Choose The Right Platform

It’s the first step towards launching your online store. In this step, you will have to choose the appropriate platform where you want to start your online store. 

Are you familiar with WordPress? WordPress is the best platform to start your online store. WordPress has a lot of features that will help you to deal with your online store more conveniently and comfortably.  It has limitless plugins and themes to customize your store. 

#1.2 Choosing Self Hosted Custom Domain 

Well, if you want to invest some money, that will be best. See, the fact is you will never get the personalized domain with free hosts. Also, your online store will not be your property, whenever needed the free host can modify or delete your store without any notice. So, having the self-hosted domain is the best. 

What is Domain Name and Hosting?

  • The domain name is the URL of the website where you want to start your online store.
  • Hosting/Host: Hosting/Host is the company that out your online store/website on the internet so that the audience can visit it.

With a self-hosted domain, you will be able to pick any domain name that you like for your store. However, the domain name must be unique and attractive. There is a big list of domain and host provider. For example, GoDaddy and Ipage are two best-reputed providers that you can choose. 

#3 Designing The Web Page

By now, you have just made your WordPress website. It’s time to design your WordPress website now. In this step, you will be making your online store website more expressive and attractive by installing the appropriate theme

To install a new theme on your WordPress website, go to appearance section and then get into the themes section. There you will find so many free themes to install on your WordPress website as well as premium themes.

If you’re not happy with free available themes and want to invest some amount, installing premium themes can be a great idea. There are so many websites, like Themefuse or Themeforest, which offer premium themes for your site other than WordPress premium themes.

Choose the themes carefully as your website design will represent your purpose and your personality. For example, if you want to sell cricket accessories on your online store, it will be irrelevant to use a tennis theme. 

Another important thing is, your website must be easy to navigate and use to let the traffic stay on your webpage. If you design a complicated and hard to use the website, probably you will lose most of your audience.

So, while designing your website keep all the above-said points in your mind and you will inevitably end up with an attractive and expressive webpage. 

#4 Install and Activate WooCommerce

All done, your website is designed and now it’s active?  It’s time to install WooCommerce. There are three simple ways to install and activate WooCommerce on your WordPress website. Have a look below:

1. Register and create an account on WooCommerce

Step 1
Sign up for an account on WooCommerce
Step 2
It will automatically get installed on your WordPress website. Just activate it.

2. Download The WooCommerce Plugin

Step 1:

Download the plugin from a legal source

Step 2

Open your website and follow the instruction
Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> Upload

Step 3

Select the downloaded WooCommerce plugin

Step 4:
Just install the plugin and activate it.

3. Search within your website

Step 1
Open your website

Step 2
Follow the below instruction
Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> Search Plugins

Step 3
Search for WooCommerce Plugin

Step 4
Once found, install and activate it.

That’s it. You have successfully installed the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website.

#5 Extend It

There are so many extensions offered by WooCommerce to make your online store journey wow. They have endless extensions for your store including booking, shipping, security, payment gateway and many other plugins.

However, most of the plugins offered by WooCommerce is paid. Thus, invest only when needed or you have the budget to invest.

#6 Add Your First Product

Here are some tips to add your first product

  • Add bright and relevant product images
  • Content is everything so work on it and make the description your project expressive and attractive.
  • SEO is important. That will help you to rank your product higher on SERP. Thus, keep an eye on it.
  • Add genuine information about the product
  • Make descriptions attractive but avoid fluff and bluff
  • Give options to contact you
  • Mention all the charges associated with the product
  • Don’t keep hidden costs.
  • Create to the point, explicit content so that your customer doesn’t get confused.


Don’t invest too much. Just start with free plugin and themes. Once you start getting conversions and profit, you can upgrade accordingly. So, avoid massive investment.


So that’s how you can start your online store with WooCommerce Plugin and WordPress. Wasn’t that easy? Hope the content help you and you come up with an excellent online store. Wish you luck. Keep following The Website Dev for more updates.

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