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Everything That You Should Know About Blogging In 2020

Are you planning to start blogging in 2020? If your answer yes then, here you’ve arrived on the right webpage.

Blogging has become the carrier of so many individuals, and many peoples are planning to start their careers with blogging because of the opportunities and scope associated with blogging.

Well, there are so many things that you should know and understand before you get into this field. Here we have provided a quick and straightforward how to start guide and will try our best to expose most of the things associated with blogging in 2020 so that you can start with ease.

Isn’t It Too Late To Start Blogging In 2020?

That’s the most common question strikes every newbie’s mind. Well, the answer is a big “NO.” It’s neither too early nor too late to start your carrier with blogging. You can say it’s an art of engaging the audience with your thoughts and contents. It never gets outdated.

The more creative you will be, the more effort you will put in, the more successful you will be. Overall, blogging is something that consistently remains in the trend without following being early or being late concepts.

What’s The Scenario Of Blogging In 2020?

tips for blogging in 2020

If you want to start with blogging, there are specific facts that you must keep in your mind. Here are some of the critical facts that you have to understand.

  • You will have to keep patience; no miracle can make you the topmost blogger in minimum time.
  • If you want to make money with blogging, you will have to put real efforts. It takes time to monetize your blog thus patience is necessary.
  • Competition is high so choose blogging subjects for which you feel you have the strongest skills.
  • Earlier, bloggers were writing anything without targeting any specific audience and the audience was visiting their page in search of the informative content. This scenario got changed in 2020 now, and the audience is interested in only audience-oriented blogs. That’s why you need to understand who your audience is and then create content to target and engage them.
  • The content was the dominating element and will remain the same in the future. So, you will have to focus more on the quality of the content that you will be posting. The quality stands for; uniqueness, sentence structure, proper engaging tone and expressiveness of your blog contents.
  • The search engine algorithm has changed this year in 2K19, and probably it will change again in 2020. So, you will have to keep SEO facts in your mind so that you get an appropriate rank on SERP.

These are some of the key facts that you must understand if you want to start Blogging in 2020.

How To Start Blogging In 2020?

blogging in 2020

Here we have provided a step by step guide to get started with blogging in 2020. Blogging has four significant elements as listed below.
1. Blogging Platform
2. A web host
3. Domain
4. Blog design
So, there are four major elements that result in an active blog. Have a look at the stepwise procedure to start with blogging.

How To Set Up A Blog In 2020?

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Step #1: Choose The Right Platform

It’s one of the most basic things. In this step, you will have to choose an appropriate blogging platform where you want to start with blogging in 2020. 

Most of you guys must have heard of “WordPress.” Aren’t you? Well, WordPress is the most exceptional platform to start your blogging career. 


It’s one of the most popular and used blogging platforms that remains favorite for most of the reputed bloggers. WordPress is known to have infinite add-ons, plugins and there is a lot of blog design possibilities with WordPress. WordPress has more than 80 Million active users by now. 

However, there are other blogging platforms as well. Blogging platforms like Tumblr and Blogger are another best alternative platforms to start your blog.

So, the idea here is to choose the right platform, and WordPress seems to be the ideal one for newbies. However, it’s ultimately your opinion and decision. Whichever platform makes you feel comfortable, go with that one.

Step #2: Think and Decide ” whether you want  to pay for your blog(Self-Hosted) or want to have a free one.”

Decide " whether you want  to pay for your blog(Self-Hosted) or want to have a free one."

That’s one of the most critical decisions that you will have to take before proceeding with other things. All the blogging platforms we have mentioned in step #1 are free to use. Anyone can register themselves there and start blogging without paying anything. Well, there are particular CONs of opting a free to use blog platform. Here we have listed some of the disadvantages associated with the free platforms.

1.  You will never get the personal domain with these free options.

2. Free blogs have limitations that will annoy and irritate you. You will not be able to monetize the blog entirely and show all the contents (videos and images) to your target audience. 

3.  Your blog will not be your property. Shocked? Well, that’s the bitter truth. Your blog will get hosted on a third person’s website, and they have all the ownership rights to delete your blog anytime they want.

You can see the downside of using free hosted blog platforms. Thus, it’s necessary that you think appropriately and make a wise decision. However, self-hosted blogs are known to be the best with endless opportunities, safety, and security.

Step #3: Starting A Blog With Own Domain (Self-hosted with Custom Domain)

Self-hosted with Custom Domain

First of all, if you’re not familiar with the self-hosted blogs, here I will explain to you.
Domain Name: it’s nothing but the URL of your website. For examples, in google.com and facebook.com, “google.com” and “faebook.com” is the domain name respectively.

Hosting: Hosting is a company that puts your blog live on the internet so that it can be accessed by the audience. You can consider it as a hard drive of the internet where everything associated with your blog is saved.

You can create any domain name that you like, and you want, the only condition is the domain name must be unique and not the existing one.  There are so many hosts and domain providers to choose from. Ipage, GoDaddy are some of the well-known hosts that you can opt for.

Once you are done with the above procedure, install WordPress on your website. After installing the WordPress you can directly go to the admin page, which looks like www. PutTheBlogNameHere.com, and starts writing and posting the contents.

Note: In the beginning, you may find the layout quite confusing, but soon you will get comfortable with it.

Step #4 It’s Time To Design Your Blog Now

Design Your Blog

In this step, you can make your blog look exactly the way you want. In other words, it’s time to start shaping your imagination. To install a new blog theme for your website, just go to appearance and then themes. There you will get so many free WordPress themes to install on your website.

In Case if you want premium WordPress themes, you can visit premium theme websites, like Themefuse or Themeforest, to install premium themes on your website. 

The design and layout of your blog must represent three elements; you, your personality and the purpose of your blog. For example, if you have a tennis blog, it will be worthless to use the football-based theme. I hope you get it.

Also, your blog must be easy to navigate and use to make the visitors stay on your blog. If the visitors will find your blog complex to use and navigate, neither they will stay on your blog, nor they will revisit your blog in the future. 

Overall, the designs, layout, and contents of your website must be expressive and engaging to hold visitor’s attention. 

That’s it. By following the above steps, you will be able to set up your blog efficiently with ease.

Now let’s explore some PROs and CONs of blogging In 2020


  • Starting your blog is like starting your own business
  • It’s effortless, to begin with, blogging
  • Its one of the most exceptional marketing tool if used thoughtfully and carefully
  • Blogging is an excellent source of additional income.
  • Being a serious blogger, you grab a lot of opportunities in the future.
  • There is massive growth if the quality effort is involved


  • Peoples have freedom with their blog and that means they are allowed to post anything, and you can’t expect them to be fact-based every time.
  • You will be responsible for everything associated with your blog. That’s from blog maintenance to the content posting. Thus, it can be quite hectic to maintain the blog unless you hire a team of bloggers with success and a huge followers database.
  • It takes some time to monetize your blog. Thus, if your aim is to make a quick and huge amount of money, blogging is not for you.

That’s it. Hope this content has exposed the real side of blogging in 2020. Wish you all the best for your blogging goals. I hope you do well!! Stay connected with The Website Dev for more such posts and updates.

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