Electroneum: Easiest Way To Mine & Profitable Pool

Electroneum is the first British cryptocurrency aimed at smartphone users.

Electroneum: Easiest Way To Mine & Profitable Pool

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency designed with accessibility in mind. It is actually the first cryptocurrency which is targeted towards smartphone users. Mobile mining using the Electroneum app is supposed to be operational in January 2018.

The current Electroneum price is $0.091323 USD. And if you are interested, you can buy Electroneum on Cryptopia.

How to mine Electroneum?

First, you need to create an account, if you don’t already have one. Once logged in, make note of your wallet address. We recommend you create an offline paper wallet for mining purposes and for your coin’s security. You can then later import coins from offline wallet to your online wallet.

Electroneum Offline Wallet
Offline Wallet

I have tried different pools including the mining software and pools mentioned on Electroneum’s website. But I found that Sumo Easy Miner is the best CPU mining software available right now.

Sumo Easy Miner
Sumo Easy Miner

To start mining, go to easyhash.io. From the navigation bar click on Getting Started > Electroneum. Now scroll down the page until you reach “Mining Programs for Processors”. Download the SumoEasyMiner application. The link will take you to Bitcointalk forum from where you can download the application for Mac, Windows or Ubuntu.

Now, install and open the application. Once open, click on “Add Pool” and enter the following details:

Hashing Algo: Cryptonight

Pool Name: EasyHash

URL/Port: etn.easyhash.io:3630

Wallet/Address: Enter your wallet address generated above (offline wallet preferred).

Password: leave this blank.

Click OK and start mining. Your mining speed is based on the CPU on your computer. You should be able to generate between 3.90 and 9.37 ETN ($0.35 and $0.85) if your average speed is 150 H/s (as of today).

To check your progress, go to EasyHash Pool. Enter your wallet address at the bottom of the page to check your stats and payment history.

Electroneum Pool Progress
Pool Progress

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