Finally, if you’ve decided to start your blog, it’s the right time you should start thinking about your blogging niche. Choosing a blogging niche is one of the most critical decisions, so here we will explain to you how to pick the right niche for your blog without any doubt and stress.

If you’re a beginner, probably choosing a blog niche will annoy you. But trust me, it’s simple. Today we will give you some set of tips that will help you to choose the right blogging niche. Have a look.

Choosing the Right Blogging Niche

Choosing the Right Blogging Niche

The approaches involved in selecting the right niche for a blog includes the following key points:

 1. Know your passion: the Main Approach

 2. Get familiar with the trend: to Come Up with an attractive and expressive niche 

 3. Understand competition vs. demand: to lead the competition

 4. Prefer reputation over money: to begin with a boom

 5. Research and Analyse: to know what others have 

Let me explain these elements choosing the right blogging niche to you more clearly.

Key 1: Know what you love, and you’re passionate about

Are you creative in anything? Are you an expert? Do people appreciate your work and efforts? Why don’t you start a blog about it? 

The fact is, whatever you choose to blog, you must love that. Never pick a blog niche by profitability or because there is less or no competition. Always choose the niche that makes you happy and you enjoy writing about. 

Blogging niche is something that you will keep writing throughout your blogging career, so selecting any niche just because of profitability may annoy you as that will not be the area of your interest so naturally, you will not enjoy writing.

Key 2: Keep Following The Trend

If you want to get massive traffic on your blogging website then choosing blog subjects as creative messages, WhatsApp tips, jokes, etc. can be a great idea. However, if your motive with blogging is to make some money, avoid opting such subjects that we have just mentioned. Find out something else that makes you happy and at the same time can help you to make money with it. Monetizing the blog is the critical priority for most of the individuals. 

Just do a google search and know what kind of stuff is on-trend. See what makes you interested. Once you get something that belongs to your area of interest, pick that niche, write a blog and post it on your blog page. It’s really one of the most effective ways to choose a blogging niche based on research and your passion.

Key 3: Competition vs. Demand

comp vs demand

Competition and demand both are the essential elements of a blog. So, before you decide a niche, it’s better to do some research on it. There are some tools like Google Trends, SEMRush, Ahrefs and other paid tools that will help you to know the competition based on your selected blog niche. Also, remember that it’s not always great to choose a niche with less competitive characteristics. 

Fact is, if there is a low completion for a blog niche probably the demand of the subject may be deficient on the internet. So, avoid choosing a blog niche just because it has weak competition. Instead, come up with a niche that makes you really comfortable, and you’re expert in. It will help you to beat the game. 

It’s evident that competition will be there whatever you choose as blogging is not something new to most of us. Many individuals made blogging their career. So, the idea is to be better with your blogging niche and content, and then beat it with excellence. Overall, it’s not about the competition, but it’s about the demand and your interest.

Key 4: Opt Trend Over Money: Don’t Opt for money as Priority In the Beginning

Blog Trend Vs Blog Money

Being a newbie in the blogging sector, you must learn things with time and be an expert. If you keep the money as your priority from an earlier stage of blogging, probably you will never succeed and may end up with frustration. So, better you blog something that attracts the audience and helps you to gain a reputation on the internet. 

So, start blogging with subjects and keywords that people are seeking on the internet. The keyword is an essential element of blogging that you can’t ignore and is equally important as your blogging niche. 

Let me explain to you, blogging niche defines the subject or purpose of your blog, whereas a keyword defines the relevancy and effectiveness of blog content that you’ve posted on your blog.

So, the idea is to get some trendy blogging niche that can help you to attract the audience, then search keywords that will define the relevancy of your contents. The more you will gain reputation the more you will be monetizing your blog.

Key 5: Analyze Your Blogging Niche Competitors

By now you must decide your blogging niche, it’s time to take a creative step to make your niche more expressive and attractive. Look around and find your competitors with a similar blogging niche. Compare your niche with theirs. Make sure your niche is unique and expressive and has something that your competitor’s blog misses. 

As said earlier, neither think about the competition nor about monetizing, just focus on getting the reputation. By keeping things in mind and analyzing your competitor’s niche, I’m sure you will come up with a more powerful and attractive niche that belongs to the area of your interest.

5 Best Profitable Blogging Niche in 2020

Profitable Blog Niche in 2020

Below we have mentioned five evergreen blogging niches that offer limitless profits. Have a look

#1 HealthCare Based Blog

Healthcare niche is mainly subjected to health education and tips. Healthcare can be categorized into two groups; journal and informational. Some common sub-niche included are:

  • Diet and Weight Loss based blog
  • Training and Exercise Based Blog
  • Disease and Disorder Based Blog
  • Nutrition and Food Based Blog

These sub-niches are best to make some considerable amount of money with blogging.

#2 Technology-Based Blog

Technology is another best niche for blogging with enormous possibilities and opportunities. This niche is subjected to informative contents based on gadgets, latest technology, and troubleshooting. If you want to make a massive amount of money and get massive traffic on your website, technology-based blogs are best.

#3 Affiliate Business and Money Making Based Blogs

The competition is meagre in this niche but it’s a great help for new entrepreneurs. The blog is subjected to provide tips on how to make money legally and easily using offline and online methods. If you are sharing some great ideas and suggestions through your blog, you will be able to drag the attention of various users and start earning with it.

Another great niche is the affiliate business. For example, you can be an Amazon associate, publish an Amazon product review blog and earn a commission for every product sold by your recommendation. The earning at the beginning is not huge but over time this is something that can help you more than what you expect. 

#4 Tutorial or Guide Based Blog

It is another excellent niche with excellent scope and opportunities. It is subjected to provide tutorials based on technology, gadgets, and troubleshooting. It’s an educational and informative niche wherein you will be teaching your audience how to perform, operate and use. It’s one of the most common niches with high possibilities of earning.

#5 Personality Development Based Blog

It’s basically how to improve awareness, potential, identity and productivity based on a niche that helps individuals to lead a successful life.  The sub-niches include:

  • Spirituality
  • Motivation
  • Self-esteem
  • Leadership
  • Career-boosting

This blog niche and its sub-niches have excellent possibilities of earning as the contents of such blogs remain in demand forever, and competition is not that high.

You can opt any of the above niches based on your skills and interest. All the above five niches are evergreen blogging niches with excellent money-making possibilities and opportunities.

Pro Tip:

Choosing the right niche is a very critical task that will define your future goal. So, never rush, take time and decide appropriately. If you rush here, most of your efforts related to blogging will vanish. It takes some time to choose the right niche, so patience is necessary.


So these are some of the essential tips that you must keep in your mind while choosing the right niche for your blogging. Hope the content helps you, and you will be able to choose the right niche for your blog. Stay tuned with The Website Dev for more such amazing posts and updates.

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