You got the perfect location and excellent service for your business but how fast are you getting your ROI? It is always not enough to claim that you’re the number one. There must be significant proof and figures for you to continue the business. So what’s the better way to broadcast your services?

Digital Marketing: A Direct Guarantee to your Business

Most people nowadays are so into the technology and the internet. Whatever they see and browse through their smartphones and laptops that are interesting would entice them. We rely on the internet most of the time. So imagine the impact it could bring to your business once we start marketing your products and services online? With effective digital marketing, you can immediately expect an increasing number of people signing up and visiting your website. Here’s a rundown of techniques we can help you to build your name in your chosen industry.

Establishing a Brand through WordPress Website

Establishing a Brand through WordPress Website

Present me something that makes your business credible—your website. People will always look first into your site and notice how established and organized your business based on contents. The more active the materials you have, and the focused marketing keywords amplified in your site, the more people will visit it and inquire about your services… thus leading to a possible customer.

Establishing a competent and credible website first will be your edge to some of your competitors online. Making it look pleasant and enticing will also boost your marketing throughout your business. You can talk about your products, services, offerings, promos, latest blog or articles and share relevant contents from your business. Your website will become your online identity. That’s why we should exert effort from its planning to designing and then launching the site itself.

It’s easy nowadays to create a mobile-friendly, well-designed website with WordPress. Managing is way too easy as well since don’t have to do coding anymore unless you would want something in specific or initially designed for you. A website is vital to your leads because that’s where they will always look for further information about your business. You can also include reviews and testimonies from your previous clients as well; it might just give you a more impact to other people visiting your website. Check out our list of top WordPress e-commerce themes and top WordPress blog themes.

Tracking Traffic, Clicks with Google Analytics

Google analytics is the best tool to use for tracking your website’s traffic and how many visitors you’re receiving in a day, week, month, quarter, or even a year – plus the fact that this service is just free. Google Analytics is usually installed on your website and provides detailed statistical reports about your site. It can even know how many visitors are you getting from a particular location or if you’re targeting the right market.

Tracking Traffic, Clicks with Google Analytics

One of our goals is to have your business be on top of your other online competitors. When you search for a specific keywords on Google, you should be able to see your business on results. Google has the algorithm that when a specific website is receiving great traffics, it will probably show your site in its Search Engine Page Results (SERPs) and thus your site has even more chance to rank to the top.

Sending Campaigns through Email Marketing

Sending Campaigns through Email Marketing

Email marketing is already a not-so-secret technique in the advertising business. But not every company gets a fantastic result. To generate great result through email marketing is the secret we will uncover to help you further grow your business online. You don’t need to try almost all the email marketing services available on the internet, using MailChimp is enough. It is a very cost-effective and easy to use platform that helps you create a newsletter campaign you want for your business. Prepare all the list of email leads you wish to send campaigns or promotion from, create an engaging email on your own or using a template available in the platform, and blast the campaign as easy as that.

Most of the people who will receive the email you’ve sent will be enticed to click and know more about what you are promoting and thus leading them to your website and the right marketing page for them to sign up. Email marketing becomes more useful when a business gives exclusive promotions or freebies to those who’ll sign up online. Good email content does matter too for people to trust your service.

Social Media Marketing: A Great Way to Win your Business

Do you know that trillions of people around the world are on Social Media? And like almost 20.2 billion of that are found just in Facebook. What’s the better way to connect and promote your business to people other than the social media? Almost everyone has their social media accounts especially these big three platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These powerful platforms alone can boost your business’ popularity and increase revenues for your program.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing includes sharing of photos, banner ads, or updating posts that would allow audience interaction to convert leads into revenues. It is significant to create relevant post content to increase visibility once an individual searches for the said product or services in your place. Social media can also increase website traffic, and you can filter post to target athletes only at a precise location you want. An exciting tool exists, too, named Facebook Pixel that enables you to track user’s keyword search on the platform thus giving you more leads to get. When you do have great social media branding, your business will be shared by other people with their friends or followers who could create a good impression and word-of-mouth for your business.

PPC Marketing through Google AdWords

Among the suggested Digital Marketing tool mentioned above, only this one will cost you a bit of money to gauge. PPC or “Pay-per-Click” Marketing is a service created by Google to help you advertise your website and make it to the first page of the search engine result without doing an intensive white-hat, organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When you search for a certain long tail keywords on Google, you are more likely to see sponsored ads relevant to this search at the top of the result page. It could be a campaign ad paid by other websites just for them to be on that spot. Once a visitor clicks your ad and sends it to your website, you will pay Google a small portion or fee. It uses search keywords to advertise your business effectively. But it’s just that you have to pay for it every time. And some keywords cost more depending on the volume it’s getting from the search engines per month. It may sound ridiculous that you have to pay per website visit but once the lead becomes a converted sale, you have generated an income instantly.

Right now, the most popular PPC platform is Google AdWords. Your business website could appear on the ad space in Google when it is well-designed and has relevant keywords other than some competitors or advertisers. Google also rewards those intelligently crafted ads by paying lower fee. Get higher chance to be advertised on Google by continuously improving AdWords campaign through Performance Grader.

PPC Marketing through Google AdWords


You may be familiar with these digital marketing tools but are you utilizing them right to grow your business? Increasing your online presence and having more leads will bring a lot of help. Stepping up the game and diving down to competitions happens in the online world most of the time. Even when you’re soundly sleeping at night. But once we planned right and have the right target market, your business would be success. And it won’t be just on your location but to an even broader market as well.

Online presence to your business will not just give you numbers; it will help you get your return-of-investment back as soon as possible. Whether you’re a start-up business or an established one, we can help you with building your online through digital marketing.

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