Want to boost website traffic? Here we will let you know the 5 best practices to boost your website traffic.

Whether you have a blogging website, business website, or website with affiliate marketing purposes, traffic plays a vital role. The more will be the traffic on your webpage; the more will be the conversion and the more you will make online money. So, it’s essential to boost website traffic if you want to boost your online income.

There are many ways to proceed and boost website traffic, both legal and illegal concerning search engine rules and regulations. However, following unfair means may result in ban or blacklisting by search engines. Yes, Google is very strict and blacklist all those websites following unfair approaches to rank or boost website traffic. Also, in this modern 2k18 world, competition is very tough. So, you will have to give your best to succeed and boost your website traffic.

However, it’s not that tough to boost website traffic if right approaches and strategies are followed. So, here we will explore 5 best practices that will help you to boost web traffic following all the set of rules and regulations defined by Google and other search engines.

Enough jargons, let’s start exploring them now to Boost Website Traffic…

1.  Content Quality: Never Compromise With It

Boost Website Traffic Following These 5 Approaches

What do you think is the core part of a website? No doubt, It’s content. Yes, you can’t imagine succeeding without having contents of the high standard on your webpage. Whether you’re into affiliate marketing or a solo blogger, its content that helps to connect with visitors, audience, and influence and excite them to follow your links and visit your web pages again and again. Fact is, all your web content should be able to engage your visitors and hold their attention. If you succeed in this part, probably you will get loyal traffic for your website that will keep visiting your web page again and again.

2. Search Engine Optimization: Key To Boost Website Traffic

You should never overlook or underestimate the power of SEO. SEO plays a vital role in boosting overall website traffic and rank on SERP. There are two types of SEO, Blackhat SEO, and White Hat SEO. It’s recommended never to opt black hat SEO technique if you’ve long-term goals. Black Hat SEO may let you have the instant results, but the chance of websites blacklisting by Google is very high. Thus, it better to stay away from black hat SEO approaches. So, when it comes to boosting website traffic with SEO, always opt White Hat SEO technique.

White Hat SEO consists of various elements. However, we will explore only key elements associated with White Hat SEO. Have a look below to get familiar with them…

Part 1: Off-Page SEO

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best approach towards getting backlinks from the relevant high authority website. To get the backlinks, you will have to post articles or blogs on other relevant high authority websites; this process is called guest posting. The more backlinks you will get, the more appropriate SERP rank you will achieve and the more visitors you will have on your web page. Overall, guest posting is vital element of off page SEO that helps to  boost website traffic.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the search made by people on search engines. In other words, it is the text that people enter in Google or any other search engines search tab. For example, if someone is searching for One+6 android phone review, the keyword will be “One+6 android phone review.

There are so many tools available, including official Google and third party tools, that help website owners to get some keywords with high search volume. The more will be search volume the maximum traffic you will have on your page using that keyword. So, choose keywords wisely, it will help you to boost website traffic and income.

Part 2: On Page SEO

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the number of times a particular keyword used in content. The standard keyword density recommended by the SEO officials is 2% to 3%. Don’t use keyword irrelevantly anywhere, with extreme density of keyword google can mark your post and website as spam. Overall, keyword density plays a major role in on-page SEO and to boost website traffic.

Link Building

It involves on page link building. In this approach, you will create a link of previous relevant content to new content. It uses to boost website traffic by allowing visitors to visit your other relevant web page by merely clicking on the link that you’ve mentioned in your new content/post.

Meta Description

It represents the primary objective of your entire post in 3 to 4 sentences. In short, you can say it’s ” summary” of your post that visitors will see before accessing your webpage. Always work on your meta description creatively and use expressive and attractive sentences to grab the attention of the audience. This one is considered as another best approach to boost website traffic.

3. Social Presence: Let The Audience Know Who You’re And What You’ve

Social Presence is another best approach to boost website traffic. In 2018, 80% of the online businesses exist on social media just because they know how powerful social media is to attract potential customer and boost website traffic. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. can be an excellent choice to start with. Moreover, you can also create a facebook page where you can share your stories, website posts, etc. to improve the engagement factor and boost website traffic.

4. Newsletters: Target Your Audiences Directly

No doubt, direct website traffic has decreased in last few years, but Newsletters can still work for you to call target audience directly to visit your webpage and boost website traffic. Moreover, a newsletter works as both a reminder and an invitation. Also, you can target your audience through newsletter by including links to specific posts that you want them to visit. Well, you can’t compare its results with SEO, but at the same time, you can’t overlook the effectiveness of newsletters in boosting website traffic. Overall, newsletter is one of those overlooked website traffic boosting approaches that work even in 2018.

5. Advertisement: The Paid Approach To Boost Website Traffic

If you’re ready to invest, advisement can be the most fabulous way to boost website traffic. The advertisement is best to attract thousands and millions of eyes together and attract them to visit your web page. There are various internet marketing approaches, including the SEM, which attractively show your website ads to visitors of some other pages and excite them to visit your webpage. So, if you’re comfortable with paid approaches, the advertisement can be a great approach to boost website traffic.


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So, that’s how you can boost website traffic. Hope you found this post helpful and it really helps you to boost website traffic. Keep following us to get more such techy updates.

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