Are you looking for the best wordpress SSL plugins? Here are the 8 best ones to install and secure your website right now. 

WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS. This platform has got everything that you need to keep your blog and business websites running with zero hassle. To secure WordPress websites, SSL plugins come into the picture as the best solution. Before we jump to the main content and start exploring the best WordPress SSL plugins, here’s a quick intro to SSL.

A Quick Intro To SSL

SSL Plugins

SSL is known for Secure Sockets Layer, which secures the servers of the online transaction between the user and the webserver. SSL plugins also help in improving the search rank of your website and attract more and more potential visitors. Google considers SSL of a website as a positive sign when crawling and indexing a website.

You might have noticed that almost every webpage on Google has a “Lock” sign right in front of the website url. That’s nothing but an indication that the website uses SSL and all the information like passwords and credit card numbers are secured on the site.

These plugins always make sure that the information between the user and the web is always encrypted. The SSL of each website is different because of security reasons. When you have active SSL plugins installed, there is no chance of essential data like debit/credit card details, UPI, etc. being stolen. 

Honestly, there are thousands of options available in the market, so it’s difficult to choose the right one. We, somehow, selected and listed here the eight best SSL plugins that offer almost 100% security and reliability to your website. 

So, through this article, you will find that plugin that suits your site’s needs. Each plugin comes with its unique feature and offers assurance about security to its users. So, without wasting a minute, let’s begin with a list.

Best SSL Plugins For WordPress

Really Simple SSL Plugin

SSL Plugins

Really Simple SSL Plugin, as the name suggests, is a very easy to use and lightweight plugin in the market. Before you set up this plugin, you need to require an SSL certificate from its providers. You can activate this plugin in just a click and start enjoying all its benefits on your website quickly. 

The free version comes with all the features that you need to secure for your website. But the premium version comes with additional features and functionality. For example, in the premium version; you can easily configure your site HSTS preload list, and it also puts tight security on HTTP. Overall, it’s one of the best SSL plugins to go with!

WP Lets Encrypt

WP Lets Encrypt is another one of the best SSL plugins in our list, which generates an SSL certificate and secures your website quickly. The installation process is simple, easy, and hassle-free. One of the fantastic features of this plugin is that it verifies your HTTP domain instantly after installing it. If you run your WordPress account on a dedicated server, then this plugin is for you because you can quickly generate a certificate or files through apache and Nginx. 

The free version has a lot of features and functionality, but the pro version is impressive for security reasons. Moreover, this SSL plugin automatically renews your SSL certificate after 90 days once it’s expired. This plugin helps in increasing the Google ranking of your website as well and as a result, attracts more potential leads.

WP Force SSL Plugin

WP Force SSL is another one of the best SSL plugins. This plugin not only secures your website from intruders and hackers but also protects your website from viruses and other harmful attempts and events. This plugin ensures maximum security to your website and attracts more potential leads. 

The advanced and unique feature of this plugin is that it secures your site from cookie hijacking and downgrade attacks. The installation process is hassle-free and easy to set up. You just need to install and activate this plugin and you are done. However, you need an SSL certificate before doing anything. The great feature of this plugin is that it tests the SSL certificate and gives details of current status.


Like all other plugins, SSL plugins also generate a certificate to secure your website. The installation process is simple; after installation and setup, it can quickly redirect HTTP into HTTP web-traffic. The setup is quite tricky because you need to configure some or other things to enable HTTPS and attract traffic.

After setting up this plugin, you get the HTTPS or Padlock at the top of the URL for easy maintenance of your website. The free version offers most of the features and functionalities. Still, for more advanced features, you need to unlock its pro version. In the premium version, it automatically renews the free SSL when it expires and generates an SSL certificate.

One-Click SSL

One-Click SSL Plugin, as the name suggests, is simple to install and setup in just a single click. Once the installation is done, you can purchase the SSL certificate, and you are all set to use this plugin. It redirects all the non SSL pages in the SSL for better security reasons. 

The impressive feature of this plugin is that it converts all your data like style scripts, files, images, etc. into the HTTPS web traffic in just one click. The free version of this plugin is enough to tackle all the security problems of your website.

Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL Plugins)

Easy HTTPS Redirection is for those users whose website is SEO focused. After installation, install the SSL certificate first and then activate your plugin. Once done, the plugin can redirect your website into HTTPS web traffic. If you install this plugin, it can automatically redirect your website in HTTPS for better security purposes. 

It also helps in increasing Google ranking and attracting potential customers on the secure version of your site. Overall, it’s another one of the best SSL plugins for those who want to get better SEO ranking and protects their website from attackers and intruders.

Auto-Install Free SSL Plugins

Auto-Install Free SSL, as the name suggests, generates a free certificate for your website. It gives 30 days to renew your certificate before the expiry date ends. If you run your WordPress account on a dedicated server, then it automatically generates a certificate for your website. 

The installation and activation process is easy and hassles free. Once the activation is done, this plugin redirects all your site pages into HTTPS traffic and gives more security to your website. With this, you can nullify your SSL certificate at any time. Overall, it’s a better plugin if you use the pro version.


When it’s time to do the transaction between the user and the web, then you give assurance to your customers that their data like bank accounts, credit/debit cards, UPI are encrypted on your page. This security and confidence allow customers to shop from your website freely. So, to maintain this security with the customers WC SSL Seal plugin is required. 

This plugin helps in securing all the embedded data on your website. Once you install this plugin, you need to have an SSL certificate to activate this plugin. Once activated then go-ahead to the “Settings Screen” and open the “Settings Menu” and tap on the “SSL Seal Tab.” Once done, you can notice the speed and performance of your website. Overall it’s an impressive plugin and comes with dozens of features in its free and pro version.

Wrap Up

So, those are the best SSL plugins for WordPress. Thanks to these plugins, which are fast, reliable, and of course, easy to set up. 

Thanks for your valuable time. We hope you are now able to choose the best SSL plugins that suit your website needs. In the above list, some plugins are free, and some are paid ones; so you can choose according to your preference. So, that’s all for now and stay tuned with The Website Dev for more such posts related to WordPress. 

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