Are you looking for the best social media plugins for your WordPress website? If yes, then here, at The Website Dev, we have hunted the best WordPress social media plugins for you. Read on this post to find and install the best one today!

WordPress is the most loveable content publishing platform. It is handy and powerful; that’s why millions of websites around the world use it. If you want to grow your overall business or blog website seriously, then the most crucial factor is the performance, the speed of your website, and the social media activities.

And if your website fails in any of these aspects, then you inevitably miss the dozens of leads and potential customers. There are so many factors that affect the performance of your website on the Search Engine page, but the most common factor is the Social Media Plugin.

If you are thinking of finding and installing the best social media plugin, then you landed here on the right page. Today in our article, we are going to discuss Best Social media plugins for WordPress. 

What Is A Social Media Plugin?

A social media plugin offers dozens of features and options, but are these features and options useful for your website? Well, mostly no, because if social media plugins have a lot of features, it will surely slow down your website and affect user experience. So, you have to choose those social media plugins which come with all the necessary features and give a fantastic user experience without compromising on anything. Without doing any further ado, let’s start exploring the ten best social media plugins for WordPress websites.

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Sassy Social Share

Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Sassy Social Share is another most famous and speedy plugin for all WordPress websites. It comes with plenty of features and options which help in increasing the social media performance of your website. This plugin supports almost all social media platforms so that you can easily configure them to get all the benefits. With this plugin, you can also add buttons and icons on the post content for great user experience. 

Furthermore, the plugin also offers three impressive icon styles like round, sphere, or rectangle buttons. This social media plugin also comes with the social share count feature. Overall, it’s a great plugin with different plugin settings and options for both standard and casual users.

Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts is another one of the unique social media plugins for both blogging and business WordPress users. If you want your website to reach high standards and attract more eyes on social media, then this plugin is for you. If you post regular content on those platforms, it will take your lot of time. So, to avoid the hassle, the Revive Old Posts plugin is made. With this plugin, you can easily share your old posts directly to social media accounts. And this plugin also allows the user to discover popular content from your site.

WordPress to Buffer

WordPress to Buffer - best Social Media Plugins

Buffer is another one of the great social media tools that support all social media websites and allow you to schedule your content posting task on all social media platforms. It comes with some of the great features, but one of the most exciting features is that it easily allows adding content on the buffer account and sharing them directly on all the social media profiles. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a plugin with advanced and fresh features, this plugin is probably not for you. However, it’s among the best ones out there with simple features and easy setup. 

Shared Counts Social Media Plugins

Shared Counts

Shared Counts, as the name suggests, is the most popular and fast social media plugin for both blogging and business websites. It offers a limited number of features that enhance the social media performance of your WordPress website. It perfectly works with the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, and all. 

Social Icons Widget by WPZoom

Social Icons Widget by WPZoom

As the name says, Social Icon widgets contain all the attractive social icons in their sidebar widget through which you can add the social media icon on WordPress. This plugin is most famous for its performance because it never slows down your website and offers exceptionally high-performance. 

Furthermore, it comes with three icon styles rounded, square, and rectangle and offers you fantastic user experience. Once you install this plugin,  to activate it, just visit the following Appearance> Widgets page and click on the add button to add the Social Icons Widgets to your page. That’s how simple to use this plugin is.

AddToAny Social Media Plugins

AddtoAny is another one of the best social media plugins with a unique feature allowing Google Analytics Integration with ease. It supports many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, the plugin comes with a universal sharing menu. 

Furthermore, It also has plenty of features and supports the share count feature without creating an account. AddtoAny gives blasting performance than other tools and gives you the ability to display global sharing buttons. All in all, it’s another plugin on the list of best social media plugins to get today!

It offers multiple buttons, styles, and icons so that you can choose how you want to display all these on your website. You can also enable its custom post type feature, and with this plugin, you can also explore the total number of shares on all networks on your site. Overall, it’s one of the best social media plugins for WordPress websites. 

Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons, as the name suggests, is one of the most loveable social media plugins for both beginners and standard users. One of the best things about this plugin is it comes with dozens of attractive icons in a sidebar widget from which you can easily select the icon which you want to display on the posted content. 

Moreover, you can also add the URLs of the selected icons on your social media account to attract more and more customers. It does not support all the social media websites, but it supports important and popular ones. Overall, it’s another excellent plugin on our list that is very easy to use and enhances the performance of your website.

WordPress Social Login

Social Media Plugins

WordPress Social Login is a little bit different from the other WordPress social media plugins we have listed above. It is one of the unique WordPress logins that allow easy access, registration, login, and comment on their social media accounts directly. The plugin is well-structured and supports millions of social media websites under one roof. 

Smash Baloon Social Photo Feed

Smash Baloon Social Photo Feed

 Instagram is the most popular social networking site that allows you to post photos, videos, chat with friends, and subscribe to news feeds. But if you want those Instagram photos displayed in your WordPress account, then the Instagram feed is a great option. 

With the Instagram Feed plugin, you can easily display your instant photos on your WordPress pages. For this, you need to customize an Instagram access token, and after that, with the available shortcodes, you can easily access your feed anywhere on your WordPress pages. You can also create multiple and a single feed with the Instagram Feed plugin.

Better Click to Tweet

Better Click to Tweet Social Media Plugins

Twitter is one of the famous and one of the oldest networking sites which allows you to tweet in the customized boxes about your experience. If you want to add the similar tweet boxes on your WordPress post, then Better Click to Tweet is a great option. With this plugin, you can easily add the tweet boxes on your WordPress content, which offers a better user experience.

Final Words

So, those are the 10 Best Social Media Plugins for your WordPress site. We hope this post helps you in finding the best social media plugins in one or another way.

That’s all for now, and we hope this article clears your vision and confusion. For more new posts, do follow us, share our post, and stay tuned with us on our The Website Dev website.

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