Are you looking for the best WordPress slideshow plugins? Here are the 15 best plugins to choose from in 2019.

If you’re running any content-centric or image heavy website, the best WordPress slideshow plugins can help you showcase featured images more attractively to your visitors. In other words, slideshow plugins are the most useful WordPress site plugins that can help you create, manage and showcase slideshows on your website.

The plugin market is flooded with a lot of options. And, that’s the reason most WP users find it difficult to choose the right one for their website. So, TheWebsiteDev is back with the top 15 best WordPress slideshow plugins 2019 that can suit almost any type of site. The collection includes different plugins with various features to help you choose the best one for your website.

So, without doing any further ado, let’s just started with the top 15 best WordPress slideshow plugins 2019 list.

#1 Slider By WD

best free wordpress slider 2019

It’s a very responsive Slider that showcases both images and YouTube videos along with the transition effects and layer support. It also offers a full-width slider, image watermarking compatibility, and various other customization options. It’s completely free to use the plugin. However, to get the video support with this plugin, you will have to buy its premium version.

All in all, it’s a premium WordPress slideshow plugin that offers various useful features and functions for free. No matter what kind of website you’re running, it will suit that. Try this plugin and experience the visual image results yourself.

#2 WP Photo Album Plus

best wordpress slider 2019

WP photo album plus is an excellent media management and display plugin. It can help you manage photo albums more attractively on your website. Furthermore, it features a lightbox tool that shows images in slideshow format. One of the best things about WP Photo Album Plus is it’s customization options. Yes, almost all its features are customizable. In other words, if you’re looking for an easy to use lightweight slideshow plugin for your website, this one’s for you.

#3 Genesis Responsive Slider

best free wordpress slider plugin 2019

As the name already suggests, This slideshow plugin can help you choose any particular post, category, or pages. Also, thanks to its responsive nature, it shows all the elements in the max possible dimension. Additionally, it features the next and previous buttons. However, these buttons work only with the Genesis Child Theme. Overall, the Genesis Responsive Slider is a very responsive plugin among the best  WordPress slideshow plugins 2019.

#4 MetaSlider

best wordpress slider plugin 2019

It’s one of the most popular and used plugins that supports various slideshow formats including Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider, etc. Furthermore, full-width support, drag & drop side rearrangement, and multiple slideshow configurations are some of its exceptional features. In short, if you’re looking for a slideshow plugin featuring various slideshow types, this one will not disappoint you.

#5 Cyclone Slider

wordpress slider plugin free download with demo

Are you looking for a plugin that can help you show both images and videos? If yes then Cyclone Slider can be the best option for you. It supports multiple slides including custom HTML, Testimonials, pictures, and videos. Furthermore, It’s a transition ready plugin that comes with four default attractive looking templates. Dark, standard, default, and thumbnail templates are really impressive.

#6 Slideshow Gallery

wp 1 slider

Slideshow Gallery is another excellent plugin among the best WordPress slideshow plugins. It supports custom added galleries and slides from both pages and the posts. Additionally, it allows users to showcase slideshows using shortcodes. Furthermore, you can also customize it’s most parameters to change the look and feel for the best visual results. However, it lacks some advanced features, but it won’t disappoint you.

#7  Nivo Slider

best slider plugin jquery

With Nivo Slider, one can easily create a post, an image, or a slideshow with custom settings. It features various themes to help you boost the overall appearance of your pages. Additionally, it allows users to develop multiple sliders for hosting contents or shows in different places. All in all, the Nivo Slider is the personal favorite plugin of many WP users, and it will surely impress you. However, it’s a free plugin and therefore you should not expect much from it. It will surely help you create and showcase beautiful page elements on your WordPress website.

#8 Testimonial Slider

soliloquy wordpress plugin

Looking for the best plugin to showcase testimonials and customer feedback on the website? Try Testimonial Slider. As its name suggests, it’s a unique slider plugin that shows testimonials.  It shows both feedbacks testimonials received from your website audience or customers.

Additionally, it shows the customer avatar, name and the organization they belong to. Furthermore, it comes with five unique skins and multiple effects to boost the appearance. Also, support for category-based testimonial slide is also available. Overall, Testimonial Slider is a unique plugin among best WordPress slideshow plugins that you should definitely try in 2019.

#9 Serious Slider

FREE wordpress plugin

Serious Slider is an SEO and transition ready slider plugin that can help you create beautiful slides to enhance overall look and feel of your website. It will take all your efforts to the next level and will help your visitors connect more appropriately with your site. With this plugin, one can create unlimited slideshows with links, buttons, and texts. Additionally, it comes with seven-plus color styles and transition effects. Also, it features a widget that displays sliders in the sidebar. Overall, it’s another user-friendly and uniquely designed plugin that can help you.

#10  Opinion Stage

best slider plugin jquery

Looking for a highly customizable WordPress slideshow plugin? Opinion Stage can help you get more creative with your website elements. It allows users to add extremely customizable sliders to their website. It will help you showcase all your products, featured posts and showcase tutorials in an expressive, attractive and engaging way.

Furthermore, one can add images, texts, and videos from YouTube too. Overall, Opinion Stage is another plugin among the best WordPress slideshow plugins that has got nothing to disappoint you. It’s a user-friendly plugin that will not disappoint you in any aspect.

#11 WonderPlugin Slider Lite Version

best free wordpress slider plugin 2018

It’s a handy WordPress slideshow plugin that supports various media formats and has impressive features. WonderPlugin Slider Lite Version can help you add images and videos to your website slides. It supports multiple multimedia formats such as YouTube videos, Vimeo, Mp4 and Mp3 media formats. It also has various transition effects and offers a slider widget as well to help you.

#12 Video Slider

As the name is already suggesting, Video Slider displays video slides from YouTube and Vimeo in a responsive mode or way. Additionally, you can also insert Call To Action button and overlay more details such as post dates, titles, and captions on the top of the slider. Video Slider is packed with a lot of useful and creative features that can help you showcase video elements more attractively on your webpage. However, it is limited to video slideshows only. Overall, Video Slider is another tool among best WordPress slideshow plugins to showcase videos from sources.

#13 Google Photos Gallery With Shortcode Support

soliloquy wordpress plugin

Google photos gallery is a world-famous slideshow plugin appreciated by most reviewers. It is built on Google Picasa API and showcase images from users Google Photos library. Also, users can represent slides in the list, grid, and carousel view. Furthermore, image titles and captions are also displayed with the element.

#14 Fancy Slideshows

best free wordpress slider plugin 2018

It’s a fascinating slider offering fancy slideshows with multiple slide source support. One can create slides from sources like links, posts, images, and pages. Also, most of its settings are customizable, and one can be as creative as he can to enhance feel and look of the slides. Furthermore, it comes with transition effects, smart cropping tool, and navigation buttons. In other words, Fancy Slideshow is a feature-packed slideshow plugin with great functionality and abilities.

#15 Slick Slider

The slick slider is one of those few responsive slideshow plugins that can help you transform all your photo galleries into stunning slideshows. It supports lazy image loading, different image effects, and various other useful features. One can also adjust and modify its settings for best slide visual results. Overall, Slick Slider is another tool among best WordPress slideshow plugins 2019.

Choose The One Matching Your Website Style And Requirements

So, those are the top 15 best WordPress slideshow plugins 2019 that we think can be an excellent choice for your website. So, that’s it for now. Also, read “Best Free Online Pattern Generators| Top 11 Of 2019” and “15 Best Material Design WordPress Themes| Best Of 2019.” So, that’s it for now and thanks for reading this post. Do follow TheWebsiteDev for more such posts and updates.  

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