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There are so many WordPress job plugins out there in plugin market that you can use to create a job board and charge other companies and business to post their requirements on your job board page. It’s among the most excellent ways to monetize your blog and earn unlimited cash. So, Here, at TheWebsiteDev, we are going to introduce you to some best hand-picked WordPress job board plugins & themes today.  So, before we get started with the topic, let’s explore some basic concepts and facts.

How To Build A Job Board Website With WordPress?

You must be knowing that WordPress is presently the most favorite website builder in the market powering more than 30% of websites over the internet. The best part, you can use WordPress to create almost any kind of site for your purposes.

There is two type of WP websites, and that usually creates confusion among users. There is one called “ and another called “” has hosted solution whereas is the self-hosted solution.

Well, self-hosted websites are always best as they help to use WordPress features and functionalities at its best without any restrictions or anything. So, at TheWebsiteDev, we recommend peoples to use always WordPress self-hosted solutions.

So, to get started with your website, you need to get a domain name and a WP hosting account. Again, there are many hosting providers, but we recommend people to use Bluehost. Bluehost is the officially endorsed hosting provider and is known as one of the largest and finest hosting solutions in the world. So, it’s good to proceed with Bluehost while getting started with your website.

Finally, once you’re done with your website and all set to go live, it’s the right time to install a job board plugin. So, let’s now explore the list of hand-picked best WordPress Job Board Plugins that you can use with your website.


Top 10  Best WordPress Job Board Plugins

#1 Job Board Manager

Best WordPress Job Board Plugins

It’s one of the best WordPress job board plugins that can help you to add a job board to your website with minimum efforts. It features super easy to use shortcodes that you can use to display job listings, user-based dashboard, and much more to your different pages. What’s more? It’s SEO-Friendly that means you will get better SERP results with this job board plugin. Also, there are rich snippets for job listings. There are many free add-ons as well that you can use to add locations, breadcrumbs, and company profiles. Also, paid add-ons are there for WooCommerce paid listings, application manager, SEO Boost Ups, Job alerts, etc. In short, Job Board manager is the perfect option among the best WordPress job alert plugin that you can use.

#2 WP Job Manager

wp job board wordpress

If you’re looking for some best and extremely easy to use option, WP Job Manager is made for you. Whether you talk about functionality or performance, it has everything to make you wow. With WP Job Manager, you can effortlessly create new web pages, add elements and go live with your job board website in few minutes. Also, it allows visitor/users of your site to register and post their jobs. Also, there is a simplified dashboard for users where they can manage all their job posts.

If you’re planning to make some money with paid listings using add-ons, this plugin is the perfect match for you. What’s more? It comes with add-ons which are compatible with Indeed, Facebook, WooCommerce, etc. So, it’s an ultimate job board solution for your website.

#3 WPJobBoard

jobera - job portal wordpress theme free download

If you’re looking for paid options, this one can be the best job board plugin for your website. It will help you to create a more powerful job search engine on your website. It comes with a front end panel where any user can submit their resume and post jobs. Also, there is a default resume database and the employer portal so that user can find the right and qualified candidates for their postings.

The best part, this plugin is compatible with almost every WordPress theme and performs very efficiently. Also, it comes with its default theme as well. What’s more? WPJobBoard can help you to accept or initiate payments, offer discount deals, coupons and even membership packages to the users to enjoy premium part of your website. So, with all these qualities, features and functionality, this plugin is another great theme among the best WordPress job board plugin that will make you wow at every stage.

#4 Apply Online

wp job board wordpress

It is a classified ad management plugin that can help users to respond to listing in almost no time. With this plugin, you will be able to add a job board to your website within no time and start exchanging applications and details.

What’s more? It comes with a set of powerful features like filter, categories, application form fields, notifications (email), etc. The only drawback of this plugin is you can’t create paid job listing website with this plugin. To do so, you will have to add membership plugin to offer subscription plans, or you can also use contract form based plugins to start accepting the orders.

#5 Job Engine

simple job board demo

It’s a WordPress app theme and among the best WordPress job board plugins that you can have for your website. It is designed to give you and your users the best job portal experience with its excellent features and abilities. Also, this plugin will allow you to create accounts effortlessly and add the listings. So, you can charge users for the job listings on a personal job basis. Also, you can proceed with offering premium plans for users to post their requirements on your job board.

What’s more? With this plugin, you can also sell featured listings. It supports most of the payment gateways like PayPal,, Stripe, etc.

It comes with several Colorado and design options as a theme. In short, it can help you to customize the look and appearance of your job board. Also, it comes with multiple sidebars, multilingual support, translation, and SEO ready features. Overall, this one is another plugin among the best WordPress Job Board Plugins that you can use in 2018.  

#6 Job Roller

job manager wordpress plugin

If you’re looking for a powerful plugin which is among the best WordPress job board plugins, this is it. The best part, it comes with excellent monetization possibilities and thus with this theme you can make money with job listings. It comes with separate sections to create a landing page and the blog page for your job board website.

What’s more? It is compatible with both job seekers and employer accounts. There is a CV or resume bank, and also support Ajax powered filter/search features. Also, it comes with multiple display options and beautiful theme panel that can help you to set up everything in no time.

#7 Simple Job Board

wordpress recruitment plugin

As the name already suggests, it’s another easy to use but comes into the category of best WordPress job board plugins. It doesn’t support employer accounts. In other words, it doesn’t allow employees to be an official part of your website. So, they will not be able to add their job listings to your website. It’s you who will be posting their jobs manually with this plugin and sort them with categories, and type of the job. Also, there is one more drawback, and that’s it doesn’t come with built-in or default monetization tools in the settings. However, you can always extend it by adding an order form in WordPress.

The best part is, this plugin will allow you to add as many details for every particular listing as per the requirement. So, this one is another plugin among the best WordPress job board plugins that we think will not disappoint you at any stage.

#8 JS Jobs Pro

wordpress employment application plugin

It’s another excellent paid plugin among the best WordPress job board plugins that we think can make you wow with its appearance and features. It will help you to build a complete and pure job-based website. You can create a membership website, where employers and candidates can discuss things and exchange application and details directly. To make things much easier; this plugin allows users to log in with their FB or LinkedIn. Another best thing, this plugin support PayPal integration and that means you can charge users for memberships or job listings. In short, this one can be the best WordPress job board plugin for your website if you’re comfortable with a small investment.

#9 WP Job Hunter

simple job board wordpress

It can help you to start your own business with it. It will allow you to link with significant and reputed job portals out there from past few decades or even more. Once your visitors get redirected to those portals following your website link and apply for the job postings, you will get a commission for that. All you need to do is install the plugin, and that’s it.

Also, it comes with super easy features like board widget, Facebook, and Google+ share)like integration and may more other excellent features.

#10 BestWebSoft Job Board

wordpress job board theme free

It’s a basic plugin but very useful. Well, its features are not that extensive, but still, this plugin does what it claims. It can help you to create pages and add listings and receive the applications from interested users. Also, there is no limitation; you can add as many jobs as you can. Also, you can use shortcodes and insert job board or reg forms and sort the listings. Overall, it’s a super easy to use basic WordPress job board plugin with simple features but excellent performance and appearance.


So, that’s all about the best WordPress job board plugins. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and it helps you to pick the right job board plugin for your WordPress website. Also, read Best News Editorial WordPress Themes For Your Website|Top 10 And Learn How To Update WordPress Plugin Manually Via FTP. So, that’s it for now. Do follow us to get more such interesting posts on web development and resources.

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