Are you looking for some best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins? Here is the collection of some best and free plugins you can have in 2018-19.

No doubt, WordPress Gutenberg is a revolutionary new editor that has got mixed reactions from the worldwide WordPress users. Well, Gutenberg is a block-based editor and rather than having single unified text box like TinyMCE editor, each content bit in WP Gutenberg is its own block. It’s like each of the images is its own block, paragraph and blockquote is respectively its own block and so on.

The best thing about WP Gutenberg is it has given an opportunity to third-party developers to add their own blocks and that users can use while creating content with WP Gutenberg editor.

This opportunity lead to the release of various quality Gutenberg block plugins an that we are going to introduce in this post.

We have spent hours on research to collect the top 10 best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins. So, read this post till the end to access amazing new Gutenberg blocks.

The Working Of Best WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugins

All the Gutenberg block plugins are mere “plug and play”. All you need to do is download, install and activate the respective plugin. That’s it. Once done, you’re all set to start using the newly installed plugins from default interface of the Gutenberg.

Free And The Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

#1 Atomic Blocks

how to create blocks in wordpress

Atomic Blocks is the collection of latest Gutenberg editor block. It’s developed and designed by the same team who developed the famous and reputed Array Themes. For now, it can add up to 11 new blocks, and more are under development. Blocks offered by this plugin are:

  • Testimonials
  • Call to action
  • Post grid
  • Inline notice
  • Customisable buttons
  • Spacer and divider
  • Author profile
  • Container
  • Drop Cap
  • Share icons
  • Accordion

Once you install it, a new Atomic Blocks section will appear there in the regular Gutenberg interface, and you can access it directly from there.

Also, if you want to see the live demo, then just click here and scroll down on the respective page to find View Block Demo option. The demo will begin right after you click on the link.

Overall, it’s one of the free, and best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins to have in 2018-19.

#2 Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

wordpress multiple content blocks

If you’re looking for an advanced plugin, then this one is for you. With 10 plus new beautiful blocks, Advanced Gutenberg Blocks has made its place in this list. Some of the unique and best blocks that it has is:

  • Card preview block: it creates a preview just like when you share any website on social media platforms.
  • Testimonial Blocks

What’s more? Advanced Gutenberg Blocks can help you eliminate the default blocks from the main interface.  

#3 Stackable

wordpress custom blocks

It’s another plugin among best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins getting popular with time. Presently, it is offering more than 15 new blocks to the users, including the advanced blocks. You can click above to check block list, but here I’m listing only a few that I think makes this plugin unique and effective.

  • Countup block
  • Expand or show more
  • Call to action
  • Pricing box
  • Team members
  • Improved button block
  • Video popup

Just like atomic blocks, you will have a new stackable area or portion in the interface to access it after installing the plugin. Also, the block it offers look very pretty, and there are several customisation options that you can use for each block in the sidebar.

#4 Bokez

atomic blocks wordpress plugin

Bokez is not that popular and doesn’t have many installs for now. However, it works very efficiently as blocks plugin, and soon it will get popular. Presently, Bokez has the ability to add more than a dozen blocks including the following:

  • Post grid block
  • Testimonial block
  • Progress bar
  • Accordion

The only problem with Bokez is its blocks are mixed with default Gutenberg blocks, and thus users find it a bit hard to find. But, once found, they look beautiful and offer various block customisation options.

#5 Editor Blocks For Gutenberg

atomic blocks

It’s another name in the list of best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins with the ability to add new creative blocks to the editor. Presently, Editor block has 10+ block for users. Some of the unique and eye-catching blocks that it has is:

  • Pricing table block
  • Wrapper block
  • Brands block (logo grid)
  • Testimonials
  • Team member block

The blocks look very expressive, and they branch into bigger things. If you’re interested in its demo mode then just click here and check out.

As in atomic blocks, Editor blocks too comes with the optional block theme which is designed to pair well with all the latest blocks.

#6 Advanced Gutenberg Plugin

wordpress gutenberg

Don’t get confused with Advanced Gutenberg Blocks plugin that we have mentioned in #2; this one is a different plugin. It comes with an ability to add more than a dozen blocks and is a neat option developed by JoomUnited. Some of its key blocks are:

  • Google maps
  • Advanced tables
  • Accordions
  • Icon listings
  • Advanced buttons
  • Tabs block

What’s more? Advanced Gutenberg comes with some back-end settings, like access control for WP Gutenberg. It allows users to create custom profiles for different user roles or for separate users that control and allow users to access particular assigned blocks.

#7 CoBlocks- WP Gutenberg Blocks For Worldwide Content Marketers

wordpress gutenberg plugins

This one is another plugin among best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins that claim itself as the Gutenberg blocks for worldwide content marketers. Its claim will give you an idea of the audience which this plugin is targeting.

It is built by the same developer who built Theme means. CoBlocks presently has the ability to add 12+ new Gutenberg blocks. Below are the unique blocks that drag the attention of WordPress Gutenberg users:

  • Dynamic HR Block
  • Tweet Block
  • Accordion block
  • GitHub Block
  • Gif Block
  • Author Block

All the new blocks by CoBlocks sit inside the new CoBlocks section in Gutenberg interface. Overall, this one has got some impressive blocks and will not disappoint you at any stage.

#8 Kadence Blocks

wordpress text block plugin

It’s a new and unique Gutenberg block plugin that focuses more on adding layout blocks than the content blocks.

For example, the most significant feature this plugin is offering presently is Row Layout. This feature help users to nest 1-6 columns inside a block, and that can have any of the other blocks accessible to you.

What’s more? Kadence Blocks allow the user to add their own backgrounds, and custom margins as well, for both smartphone and desktop devices. It functions just like setting up any row in a page builder and offers you different column structures.

What’s more? Kadence also offers users access to the following feature and blocks:

  • Advanced headings to customise the post headings
  • Icon block
  • Advanced button block
  • Divider/spacer

Also, all the blocks it has is modular, and thus you can deactivate any of its blocks that you don’t like and you won’t use. So, this one can also be a good option for you as the developer of this plugin keeps releasing new updates and upgrades to offer the best blocks and editing experience to the users.

#9 Blocks Builder: An Ultimate Gutenberg Block

how to create blocks in wordpress

It comes with several unique and beautiful blocks that can help you improve the overall appearance of your WordPress website. Also, it offers some advanced features to impress users. There are different dedicated blocks that you can use for creating attractive and expressive contents. It also features a block for social media icons. This feature makes things possible to include social sharing options right within the content. Also, it’s lightweight and integrates well with WordPress website. Opting this plugin won’t disappoint you.

#10 WooCommerce Product Block Gutenberg Add-on

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

You must be knowing that WooCommerce is one of the best plugins that helps users integrate eCommerce features into their WP website. The revolutionary Gutenberg editor allows users to create expressive contents with text and multimedia files. Well, what if you want to include a block with product descriptions?

That’s where this plugin, also called as Wootenbetg, comes into the picture. It helps users in adding a new block to feature any product through the page. It also helps the user in featuring single or multiple products by using the appropriate filters provided by the plugin. Also, it comes with the sample data so that you get a better idea of how your product is going to look and appear and what you can do with available options of the plugin to make your product look more attractive and user-friendly.

More Gutenberg Plugins Are Coming Soon

There so many other best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins going to release soon. The list we have prepared is based on the presently available plugins performing well on the website. Once the new plugins release, we are going to test them and would recommend you on the basis of our experience. So, till then try these plugins and enjoy WordPress Gutenberg editor.


So, that’s the list of top 10 best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins. We hope this post has introduced some great Gutenberg block plugin options to you. Also, read “10 Best WordPress Plugins For Businesses That You Must Have in 2018” and “Top 7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins To Have In 2018.” So, that it for now. Do follow us to read more such post and share this one with your friend and partners to let them get familiar with some best WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins. Thanks for reading this post.

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    Thank you for the recommendations and in special for the Gutenberg Blocks link. Besides the Atomic plugin which I like, I found this one integrating pretty well too and with an extensive library:

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    Hi and thanks for creating this roundup! Gutenberg related products are now released very often so it’d be cool to get to know your opinion on the ‘newbies’. E.g., here’s one more free block plugin to have appeared recently – Getwid by MotoPress, it’d be helpful to hear your feedback on it.

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