Do you want to collect and gather data from your customers or users accessing your website? Here are the top 15 best online HTML form builders that we recommend you to use.

You must be knowing that online forms are the best and easiest way to gather data from online customers and users. Whether you talk about mobile login forms, registration forms, newsletter sign-up forms, or feedback forms, online users come across online forms everywhere. So, Web developers pay special attention to create beautiful forms for their users or audience.

No matter what you need and what your purpose is, here are the top 15 best online HTML form builders. These will help you create any kind of online HTML form easily and for free.

So, without doing any more jargons, let’s get started with the top 15 best online HTML form builders now.

15 Best Of The Best Online HTML Form Builders

#15 JotForm

free html form builder

Are you running any small business and looking for a form builder that actually works? JotForm has got everything including drag and drop support. It has a lot of features like themes, templates, and also it supports online payment system, third-party application, and useful widgets. JotForm is also compatible with form analytic and allows the user to collaborate easily with fellow members.

It has both premium and free plans. By opting the free subscription, you get up to 100 submissions per month, one payment acceptance, hosting up to 5 forms a month. If you buy its or package, you will get more space, more submission and the ability to add sub-users.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best HTML form builder with everything you want, you just try JotForm.

#14 SpiceForms

html5 form generator

It comes with drag and drop interface that helps users to create a very responsive and powerful web form. With its free subscription, you can receive up to 100 submissions, embed up to three forms with limited but useful features. It supports up to 10 configurable fields, acknowledgement responses and email alerts. One of the best features of SpiceForm is that it allows users to add conditional logic and customise style to boost expressiveness.

What’s more? With SpiceForm, thanks to the submission manager it features, you can delete, edit, and export all the form entries in CSV format.

#13 LiveForms

html form generator open source

LiveForms is impressive and easy to use form builder featuring colourful template customiser. It will allow you to add and customise more than 20 form fields, check security and add conditional logic. Also, it will help you track the performance of form with its analytics feature.

It allows free users to create and deploy three forms on site and up to 300 entries a month. Well, to get payment gateway support, third-party app compatibility, and additional features like file uploadings and user collaboration, you will have to buy its premium subscription.

All in all, if you want to have and use one of the best online HTML form builders, this one is undoubtedly the best option for you.

#12 123ContactForm

html form generator open source

It comes with all the basic and advanced features to help a user create HTML forms as quickly and easily as possible. It can help you create multiple page forms and customise them too. Also, you can use its advanced form fields and ask your users to upload files via these forms.

There are no sign-up charges, and it allows free users to create five HTML forms with ten fields, generate one report and get up to 100 entries per month. Also, you can integrate third-party tools and apps with this HTML form builder.

What’s more? It also has premium features like payment gateway integration, domain aliasing and others but you will have to buy it’s paid packages to use these features. Overall, it’s another best form builder we have included in the top 10 best online HTML form builders list.

#11 eCube Apps

bootstrap form builder

eCube Apps HTML form builder can help you create and customise forms as per your need. It features a theme designer that helps in personalising the forms and insert conditional logs, verifications into the form. You can do a lot of things including data collection, file uploadings, and accept payments using eCube Apps form builder.

What’s more? One of the most impressive features that this form builder has is social media sharing. Yes, you can share all your forms on social media channels using SMS, email or QR code. As a free subscriber, you will get unlimited forms, up to 100 entities and unlimited reports per month. However, to accept payments, you need to buy its subscription plan.  

All in all, it’s another one of the best online HTML form builders with theme designer and other impressive features.

#10 Form2Pay

open source form builder

It provides free but reliable, secure, and professional form builder that one can use to create effective HTML forms. With its free subscription, you will be able to generate unlimited HTML forms and get up to two payment transactions, infinite form filled, and up to 100 submissions per month. Also, you will get anti-spam protection, three report cards and 100mb of space per month with its free subscription.

To access it’s more advanced features like submission management, customisation feature, email alerts, auto response, and data exportation in several formats, you will have to buy its premium package.

#9 FreedBack

online form design

Looking for an easy to use GUI form builder that can help you create forms, feedback pages, and free HTML forms? If yes then FreedBack can be the best choice for you.

It can help you create one form with unlimited form fields. However, the number of submissions is limited. Spam filter, data backup, email alert, page redirects etc. are other best features of FreedBack GUI form builder. Well, if you buy it’s premium version, you will get several more amazing features like data validation options, submission management, Excel sheet exportation, thank you emails, and auto-response features.

All in all, it’s another one of the best online HTML form builders that can help you create HTML forms with ease.

#8 pForm

cognito forms

If you want to create a simple but engaging HTML form for your blog or business website, this one’s perfect for you. It will let you choose colour templates, input data field options, download default forms that you can upload later on your website for different purposes.  

Well, it’s not that powerful tool as compared to the above form builder. However, it’s free and it worth giving this form builder a try. It comes with a lot of useful features file uploading options which are not available in many free from builders. Also, please note that you need to host this form yourself.

#7 FormSmarts

online contact form

It’s a full-featured, cloud-based form builder that can help you create user-friendly and responsive forms. It will let you explore infinite forms with various fields and unlimited submissions.

What’s more? With FormSmarts you can easily embed all your forms on your website and can share the form URL on social media channels and offline platforms. It also supports more than 20 languages. Well, to get more features like SSL security and PayPal integration, you will have to be it’s paid subscriber. Overall, FormSmarts is one of the best online HTML form builders that won’t disappoint you.

#6 EmailMeForm

html5 form generator

If you want to design a mobile responsive form with inbuilt patterns, fonts and logos, this one’s for you. It will help you create the expressive and engaging form with ease, thanks to its drag and drop interface. With its free subscription plan, you will get three themes and more than 40 form fields to design your HTML form. 100 submission per month, three report generations, and 100mb space are additional features that you will get with the free package.

What’s more? EmailForMe can also help you redirect your audience to any custom address and add anti-spam security to protect your forms. If you want to buy it’s paid subscription, you will get multilingual form support, style customisation, and payment gateway integration with manual web integrations.

#5 Zoho Forms

html form generator open source

Zoho Forms is known for generating impressing and device independent HTML forms. It comes with drag and drop interface and several professional form templates. Other impressive features of this tool are form customisation, team collaboration and report generations.

Being a free user, you will be able to access up top 500 submissions, 200mb space a month and unlimited report generation. On the other hand, once you become it’s paid user, you will be able to host infinite forms and will get custom templates and PayPal integration. It’s genuinely one of the best online HTML form builders we recommend you to use.

#4 WuFoo

bootstrap form builder free

It features intuitive drag and drop interface that will help you create dynamic forms with its responsive 400 templates and advanced logic. You can generate up to 3 forms with ten fields and entries up to 100. Though it’s not that powerful as JotForms or LiveForms, it works really well for creating simple and easy to read forms.

With its premium package, it allows users to access some more advanced features like file upload support, response notifications, logic, and advances report generations. Also, one can accept online payments by integrating PayPal, Stripe, or Braintree on your website.

#3 Cognito Forms

online form builder with database

If you need a more intuitive approach to design HTML forms, try Cognitive Forms. It comes with user-friendly interface and packs super robust features to make the HTML form making job easier. It can help you create engaging forms, embed created forms on the website, and capture response from all your audience. The best thing about Cognitive Forms is it supports PayPal and Stripe integration at 1% charge collection.

It will offer you a great range of field options to help you create forms with ease using its powerful features like conditional logic, document mergeability, and email alerts. Its free for unlimited forms, 100mb storage, and up to 500 submissions. It’s paid subscription offer much more than these features, including electronic signature.

#2 TypeForm

bootstrap form builder example

It’s another one of best online HTML form builders for creating survey contests and HTML forms. TypeForm can help you get good response across all devices. It has got a unique interface, and that will help you design and format all your forms the way you want. You can also add videos, images to the form and a lot more than this.

It also sends response alerts and can generate reports for your forms to determine their overall performance. With its free subscription, you are limited to use up to its ten fields, receive 100 response a month, and share data with 500+ apps. Once you buy it’s paid pan; you can explore endless fields, the logic jumps, and integrate payment gateways.

#1 FormGet

open source form builder

Here comes the best of the best of this list, that’s FormGet. It has got everything that you look for in the best online HTML form builders. FormGet comes with all basic and advanced features you need to create and design engaging HTML forms. It features smart block editors, various elegant themes, multiple default form templates and much more.

FormGet can help you create and design anything from payment forms, registration forms, and a lot more. PayPal and Stripe integration, multimedia support, embed and share function custom submission page and redirects are some of the best features of FormGet.

It’s absolutely free to use with some limitations. However, if you want to get unlimited benefits with this form builder, then you should buy it’s paid subscription. It has several paid plans ranging from basic $5 per month to advanced $99 per month. So choose the one as per your need and start making conversions. All in all, it’s genuinely best of the best online HTML form builders you must try.


So, those are the top 10 best online HTML form builders we have hunted for you. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and found the one matching all your purposes. Also, read “The Top 10 Web Hostings 2019 | The Best And Budget Friendly Options” and “10 Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins To Have In 2018-19.”

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