Want to know how to monetize your website? Read on to get familiar with some best approaches…

There are so many ways to monetize your website. However, the best choice depends on your site niche, traffic volume, target audience and their behavior.

Today we will explore top 9 best approaches to monetize your website that will help you to generate revenue.

Note: Don’t opt all these methods together to monetize your website, and keep patience. It’s not possible to succeed overnight. So, you will have to analyze things and make sure what’s working for you and your website audience.

Top 9 Best Approaches To Monetize Your Website

#1 Opt Google AdSense To Monetize Your Website

 Monetize Your Website

When it comes to monetizing a website, Google AdSense is considered the best advertising platform. It shows incredibly relevant advertisements to sites and pays a certain percentage of the revenue every time visitors to click on it. For example, if you have a travel niche website, Google AdSense will display ads from travel agents, airlines etc. It’s not that tough to place ads using Google AdSense, have a look on the below points:

1: Decide where you want to put an advertisement, set the respective HTML code there. Also, Google AdSense has ad per web page limitation, that’s you can’t put more than 3 ads on a particular web page.

2: Google AdSense will show only relevant ads on your web pages. Also, Google uses real-time to make sure that quality, relevant and highest paying ads are displayed on a page.

3. Google charges advertisers and respective organization for showing their ads on your web page and will pay you directly as per the defined schedule.

With simplicity and great features, Google AdSense is the best approach to monetize your website. There is no need to deal with any advertisers, Google will take care of everything and will ensure your payment. Google will pay you through direct bank account transfer, or via check every month for the revenue generated by your website.

Anyone can start generating revenue and grab the benefits provided by AdSense. Also, its really easy to get started with it. All you need is a Gmail account.

#2 Opt Affiliate Marketing To Monetize Your Website (Offer Vault)

Monetize Your Website With Affiliate Marketing

Now that’s another popular and the best approach to monetize your website. It’s beneficial, and you can earn more than your imagination. Affiliate programs allow website owners to recommend the relevant product and offers to their audience. For example, if you have a gadget blog, you can find an affiliate program, like android phone deals, LED TV deals etc., that you think can attract your target audience. Once you see any such affiliate offer or program, you will put a text link or banner containing your affiliate link to direct your target audience to the respective offer. Now if they purchase the product recommended by you (like mobile phone, TV or anything) following your affiliate link, you will receive a commission for the referral, recommendation, and conversion by respective merchant.

There are two types of affiliate offers, CPA (Cost Per Action) and CPS ( Cost Per Sale). Most of the time CPA involves lead generation, and CPS requires conversion. CPS offers usually pay more as compared to CPA offers.

However, it’s essential that to monetize your website you get into only relevant affiliate programs that match your website niche and can attract your visitors. There are so many resources that can help you to find the best and relevant affiliate programs and offers, for example, Vault. You can search for anything related to your website on vault and can review all the available offers instantly. Once one you find the one, pick it and proceed with signup and formalities and that’s it.

 3 Opt Infolinks To Monetize Your Website

Infolink is another best way to monetize your website with its advertising services. All you need to do is place its in-text ads within your web page contents, and you will get paid every time a visitor clicks on it. Infolinks software analyses websites thoroughly to find out the most valuable keywords and use to double underline those keywords. Now when visitors hover their mouse on those keywords a keyword relevant advertisement will pop up. If the respective visitors proceed with “Learn More” link, website owners get compensated.

The best thing is, Infolink will allow you to customize every text ads that will be displayed on your web pages. You can define the frequency and appearance of those text ads.  

Overall, Infolink is an excellent advertisement platform that can help you to monetize your website, especially when you are newbie and getting started with this stuff. However, Infolink pays the lowest pay per click. So, it’s better to get started with something than nothing and later with the success of your website you can move to other website monetizing approaches that will provide better and satisfactory returns.   

#4 Opt Direct Ad Space To Monetize Your Website

This one is for those having massive traffic on their web pages. If you’re one of them, this one will work for you to monetize your website. Direct Ad Space will allow you to sell advertisement space on your web pages directly. However, don’t expect that you will be able to grab the offers in just one day. It will take some time, maybe weeks or months. You must be knowing that Google AdSense doesn’t have any traffic volume terms, that’s why you can implement it even on your newly established website, and the revenue will grow with the growth of your site. Fact is, none of the advertisers wants to buy advertisement space on freshly created websites. However, once your website gains reputation and traffic volume, your site will automatically become attractive and will excite advertisers to buy direct advertisement space in your web pages.

Using Google AdSense, advertisers are charged on the pay per click basis, and thus it becomes expensive for them. That’s the reason they keep finding opportunities to buy advertisement space on reputed blogs and websites.

Also, you can add both Google AdSense and direct advertisement together to make some decent amount of money. Overall, it’s another best approach to monetize your website and earn quality incomes.

#5 Start Selling Your Own Digital Product And Services To Monetize Your Website

monetize website without adsense

It can be an excellent strategy for people with a very niche specific website and enormous traffic. Developing and selling own products is the best strategy to monetize your website. Developing own digital products and services will help you to offer more specific stuff to your target audience and get entire profit into your pocket. As you know, affiliate programs and offers pay only  commission per product/service, that’s just a few % of MRP or as defined by the official guy behind it without worry about customer support, refunds or any other possible issues that can arise. But when you sell your own product, you will be responsible for each, and everything associated with your products and services.

Overall, it’s another best way to monetize your website and make massive money with significant efforts and skills.

#6 Opt Gate Premium Content Scheme To Monetize Your Website

If you have a reputed website with the great following, it can be the best way to monetize your website. With this approach, you will provide premium contents to your audience, and they will have to pay to access the entire post/content.  The best technique to excite audience is to provide first few paragraphs free to read just hold their interest. If your content is exciting, they will complete the offer set by you for sure to access entire content/post.

To proceed with this approach to monetize your website, you will have to find e-commerce platforms. There are so many e-commerce platforms to create gate content and get started with it.

However, if you really want to opt for this method to monetize your website, its necessary to have high standard contents on your site. Content plays a vital role in this approach. Also, don’t gate all your contents as it will reduce the traffic volume. So, plan everything, discuss with affiliate networks to get the best plan, and that’s it. Overall, if you can provide quality and valuable contents to the audience, this one is probably the best approach to monetize your website.

#7 Start Publishing Sponsored Posts And Reviews To Monetize Your Website

how can i earn money from my website


Publishing sponsored posts and reviews is another best way to monetize your website and generate quality income. However, to get started it’s necessary that you have a reputed website with the loyal audience. Advertisers use to pay decent amounts to bloggers just to create attractive reviews and post on their site for their visitors. This one is most popular advertisement scheme as audience consider these posts as a genuine review instead of recognizing it as a direct promotional advertisement. 

Moreover, the amount that you will earn with sponsored posts depends on your niche and its size, website popularity and social following.

Overall, it’s another excellent way to monetize your website and earn unlimited income.

#8 Create Premium Private Forum To Monetize Your Website (Using WordPress/bbPress Plugin)

website monetization strategies

If you really want to monetize your website, this one is undoubtedly the best idea. It’s a strategy based approach that will take some time to succeed. Also, opt for this approach to monetize your website only when you have excellent traffic volume and following. WordPress is best to create a forum on your site, merely install bbPress plugin and you’re all set. It offers features and settings that will allow you to make your forum private, and with add-ons, you will be able to manage all the subscriptions.

Also, you can’t charge your audience or visitors irrelevantly. You will have to add value to your forum to justify their investment. So, you will need a strong, unique selling point to create a members only forum.

Overall, it’s among most excellent ways to monetize your website that will allow you to make steady residual income.

#9 Start Generating And Selling Leads To Monetize Your Website

This website monetization approach is not for everyone. Opt it to monetize your website only if your site has an excellent following and traffic volume is continuously increasing. Also, it will require more efforts on your end, but when it comes to payouts, it pays far better than affiliate marketing programs.

Also, this website monetizing approach is not for every website. Retirement, finance, employment are niches that have this demand. However, if its not for you, still it is possible to make it work for you. Just work on the critical retirements for this approach, and that’s it.

Overall, it’s a creative approach to monetize your website and earn real cash with efforts and skills.


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So that’s the list of approaches to monetize your websites. I would suggest you try several website monetization approaches and analyze the result. By result pick the one that is working excellently for you and stick to it. Hope this post was helpful and helps you to find the best approach to monetize your website. All the best!!

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  • August 14, 2018

    Making a profit as a professional blogger is 100% archivable. I’ve been earning for living from blogging and affiliate marketing since 2012. Building a successful but profitable blog takes a lot of time, hard work, and planning the strategies which you’ll work.

    Generating targeted traffic is a must, which you can succeed by the variety of ways The reason for monetization is very manageable to accomplish your purposes in the blogging world; we have to follow monetization and driving traffic strategies, we need to work hard. No matter how many obstacles come in any way, we just need to stick with; then we need determination because it’s not easy to make a successful blog and start getting enough traffic.

    Don’t be scared to try different things, because the Google search algorithms regularly changing and you can’t say; what goes right with one audience or with one social networking site might not work well with another. The better news is that you can still earn enough from your content as it is demonstrated by many bloggers who publish their monthly income report online. You just have to be open to keep changing and testing your current methods till you get succeeded.

    Thanks. You encouraged me to start again and focus more on my current strategies. Keep posting and motivating.

  • November 6, 2019

    Nice blog, thank you for posting this content, i will introduce this blog to my friends.
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