Have you ever encountered any issue while accessing Windows 10 boot option? Or, don’t you’ve any idea how to access Windows 10 boot options menu? Don’t worry, here you’ve arrived on the right webpage, and today we are going to help you know everything.

Windows 10 comes with a lot of user-friendly features including the advanced options to boot your device and fix multiple issues that annoy you. Accessing the advanced boot options menu, you can reset your PC, restore it to the previous working state, boot to other operating systems, and boot windows 10 system in safe mode to get rid of the problems.

However, accessing the boot option is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many users have reported that they stuck during the process and failed to access the menu. Also, there are so many ways one can access Windows 10 boot options menu, and each way has its own unique use case.

Here in this guide, we have discussed several best approaches and the step by step guide that will help you know everything and proceed accordingly to access Windows 10 boot options menu.

Enough with the jargons, so let’s get started with the guide now…

Approaches To Access Windows 10 Boot Options Menu

If Your Windows 10 Is Running Well

If you’re able to access the desktop on your pc, and Windows 10 working fine, this method is for you. So, have a look below to get familiar with all the approaches and step by step procedure.

Approach 1:  Restart By Holding The Shift Key

It is one of the easiest methods to access windows 10 boot option. Also, please note that this method only works when you are using your primary keyboard, It does not work with an external keyboard.

Step 1:

Restart your PC by holding down the shift key on your primary keyboard.

Step 2:

Click on power button from the start menu to get the power options on your screen.

Step 3:

Now hold the shift Key again and then click on Restart.

After the short delay, you will notice that your windows will start in advanced boot options. Also, no matter whether you click Restart from shutdown dialogue, start menu, or start screen, this trick will work from everywhere.

Approach 2: Using Windows Settings To Access Windows 10 Boot Options

If you are not able to use the above approach or Shift+Restart combo fails to work for you, this one is for you.  So, in this approach, we are going to use advance startup option for Windows 10. Below is the step by step guide to boot your Windows 10 using settings in advanced startup options.

Step 1:

Use the start menu to launch windows 10 settings and then find and click on “Update & security” option at the bottom of the available Windows.

Access Windows 10 Boot Options Menu

Step 2:

From the left panel, click on Recovery option, then under the Advanced startup option click on Restart now. It will help you explore the advanced boot options.

windows 10 boot menu from startup

Approach 3: Access Windows 10 Boot Option Using Command Prompt

This approach will help you access Windows 10 boot options using the command prompt. In this approach, we are going to use some quick command prompt commands to access Windows 10 boot options.

Step 1:

Select Command Prompt (Admin) option by clicking right on the windows 10 start menu. It will open a command prompt as an admin user.

Step 2:

Type “shutdown.exe/r/o” in the command prompt window and hit enter.

windows 10 advanced startup

advanced boot options windows 8

A pop-up will appear on the screen showing “You are about to signed out.” Next, you need to click on the button named Close appearing on the right bottom corner of the pop-up. Now, your windows will restart with a slight delay, unlike the above methods where immediately windows restarts.

how to start windows 10 in safe mode while booting

Approach 4: Another Command prompt method to Access Windows 10 boot option

Step 1:

Select Command Prompt option by right clicking on the windows 10 start menu.

windows 10 startup repair

Step 2:

Type “shutdown /r /o /f /t 00” in the command prompt window and hit enter.

boot menu windows 7

It will automatically shut down and go straight into the screen as shown below.

windows 10 safe mode from bios

Approach  5: Access Windows 10 boot option using Task Manager

In Windows 10, we can quickly get access to advanced startup options using Task manager.

Following are the steps that you need to follow to access windows 10 boot option.

Step 1:

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard to access the screen menu.

Step 2:

From the bottom right corner of the screen, press the power button.

Step 3:

Now hold the shift key button and click on the restart option appearing after clicking on the power button.

windows 10 boot from usb

Method 2: If Your Windows 10 Is Not Running Well

If your windows is corrupt or you’re facing the problem when accessing desktop due to random restart or crashing of windows, then you need to follow the below-mentioned trick to force restart your system.

Approach 1: Advanced boot options in Windows to force restart

Windows default feature is set to Restart it in advanced boot option whenever there is any booting issue. Also, If the crash is happening due to some startup error, then the advance boot option will launch automatically. But it doesn’t happen always, and sometimes your Windows may get stuck in a boot cycle as well.

In such scenarios, we can open the boot option by forcing windows to crash. So, here is how to proceed following this approach.

Step 1:

Press the power button to start your window, as soon as the Windows logo appears press and hold the power button until it forces windows to shut down.

Step 2:

You can pull out the battery (Power source) to shut down windows forcefully if you’re a laptop user.

Step 3:

Repeat the above steps 3-4 times so that Windows will open up boot options.

For most users, it takes up to 3 attempts for the boot options to appear, your count may vary.

Approach 2: Using the recovery drive for Windows 10

Many windows problem can be fixed using Windows recovery drive, especially when its facing difficulty in restarting windows. Also, the probability of working of this trick is higher than that of the force start option.

You need to create a recovery drive to use this trick, if not created already. The recovery drive can be created easily. So, all you need is an external USB drive along with PC booted with Windows 10.

Requirements: Make sure that Windows 10 is running on your system. Also, You don’t need to care about whether it’s licensed or not.

Step 1:

Microsoft provides step by step methods to create a recovery drive; you need to follow these steps to create your own recovery drive.

Step 2:

Connect your recovery drive which you have created to the target PC that you want to fix.

Step 3:

Here, you will get the option to select the keyboard layout. Choose the layout as per your convenience, most of the time we use U.S keyboard layout. Boot options will appear now.

Approach 3: Using Bootable Windows 10 Installation Disk/drive

You can use bootable Windows 10 installation disk/drive to be able to get access to the boot options. If you want to use this trick to access boot options, you need a disc/drive that has the Windows 10. You also need to make sure that the drive you’re using is bootable. Also, If you’re not sure, simply Google and you will know whether the drive is bootable or not.

Step 1:

You need to select boot from disc/drive option and then click on option appearing on your screen as Repair to access windows 10 boot options.

Step 2:

This option can be chosen if you are not having access to another Windows 10 configured system.

Step 3:

To create an installation drive, you can download any tool to create window installer from any other pc, and it will work correctly.

Closing Windows 10 boot options

The above methods and approaches should be enough to fix your problem and help you access Windows 10 boot options. Also, when you have completed the steps, press the continue button appeared on screen to close the boot options and launch Windows 10 successfully.

Also, if you are working on multiple operating systems installed on your PC, then the default operating system will get launched. If your window 10 is not the default operating system on your PC, you can choose the option to “Launch Another Operating System.” So, there you will see all the names of the operating system installed on your system. Select Windows 10 from the options and you are good to go. So, that’s it.


So, those are some of the most natural methods that can help you access Windows 10 Boot options easily. Also, If Windows 10 is not running correctly or crashing or went into the boot cycle, then recovery or installation through external drive/disc will work. You can also give us feedback and provide your valuable input or any other solution that you think can be more appropriate to access windows 10 Boot options. Also, read “15 Best Online HTML Form Builders| Best Of 2019” and “ How To Fix “Error Establishing A Database Connection” In Your WordPress Website.” Thanks for reading this post here at TheWebsiteDev.

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