Are you looking for some best PostCSS plugins? Here are top 12 awesome PostCSS plugins trending in 2019.

PostCSS is undoubtedly the most versatile tool that helps in transforming CSS styles with the JavaScript plugins. The flexibility to PostCSS lies in the way it is Built. PostCSS has Node.js as its core, and that can be installed with the help of npn. Additionally, PostCSS features an ecosystem of 200+ plugins that can be chosen and used in any project you want.

Furthermore, PostCSS is neither a postprocessor nor preprocessor. This is because the plugins may belong to separate categories or both. Overall, it all depends on what your project is and what you want to make of it. Additionally, with PostCSS, there is no need for learning any different syntax, for instance in case of LESS Or Sass. One can use PostCSS immediately whenever he wants.

The main job of PostCSS is to transform the existing CSS data into readable JavaScript data. After this transformation, the JavaScript plugins modify the data and PostCSS returns the modified file version. Doesn’t it sound cool?

So, in this post, TheWebsiteDev is going to introduce you to the 12 awesome PostCSS plugins. Let’s minimize the jargons and start exploring them.

Best 12 Awesome PostCSS Plugins Of 2019

#1 CSSNext

Best 12 Awesome PostCSS Plugins Of 2019

It’s a CSS transpiler that permits users to use future CSS syntax on their existing website. W3C includes various new CSS rules which are not implemented yet by browsers. However, it can enable developers to create more sophisticated CSS easily and quickly. CSSNext exists to bridge this gap.

Furthermore, it worth taking a look at its key features to know what you can accomplish with this tool. For instance, one can use custom queries, modify colours, use custom selectors, and new pseudo-classes in the design. Overall, it’s one of the 12 awesome PostCSS plugins that you can try.

#2 StyleLint

postcss plugins webpack

It’s the new CSS linter which is capable of proofreading and validating the CSS codes. It makes things easier and avoids unwanted errors. It will push you to follow the consistent coding conventions. Additionally, it can read the latest CSS syntax. Therefore, one can use this tool along with the plugins mentioned above. Also, it will allow you to make your unique configurations and check whether the settings made are valid. In short, it’s another tool among awesome PostCSS plugins with great features and capabilities.

#3 Autoprefixer

postcss file extension

It’s one of the most popular PostCSS plugins which is used by some giant brands like Google, Shopify and Twitter. One of the best things about this plugin is it finds the necessity and adds vendor prefixes to CSS rules wherever required. Furthermore, it uses data from Can I Use. So, this way it doesn’t get dated and can apply the latest rules always. Also, you can check out its demo by clicking here. Overall, it’s another awesome PostCSS plugin we have included in this list.

#4 PreCSS

postcss sass

It belongs to PostCSS category and works very similar to any CSS preprocessor. It can help you get the advantage of Sass like markup in the stylesheet data. Also, with PreCSS, you can use the variable like for loops, if-else statements, @import rules, @extended, nested and various other useful features in the CSS code. Overall, it’s another one of the best PostCSS plugins that can help you.

#5 PostCSS Assets

postcss transform

It’s actually an asset manager that can help you manage all your CSS files. It works by isolating the user’s stylesheet files from the environmental changes. Therefore, it can be a perfect choice if you’re encountering any trouble with the URL paths. Also, it’s easy to use. All you need to do is define the load paths, relative paths, and the base path. That’s it. This tool will automatically take care of all the assets you need.

Furthermore, this tool can also take care of assets cache. One can set the cache-buster variable to true as per the need. It will auto change the url in case if any asset gets modified. Additionally, it can also calculate the image dimensions and resize them using preset ratio. Overall, it’s another best PostCSS plugins with lots of useful and advanced features.

#6 Font Magician

postcss 6

Are you a fan of typography? If yes then Font Magician PostCSS plugin will surely impress you. One of the best things about this plugin is its ability to auto-generate the necessary @font-face rules. Also, it’s working is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is add the CSS rule- font-family: “My Fav Font”; to the HTML element and that’s it. The plugin will take care of things afterwards. Also, this plugin can add Google Fonts, Font’s local copy, typography (bootstrap), and can even load fonts synchronously. Click here to access the interactive demo site. All in all, it’s a must try plugin that will not disappoint you in any aspect.

#7 CSSNano

postcss bundle

Do you want the CSS files optimised and minified? Try CSSNano today. CSSNano is a modular plugin that comes with various mini single responsibility PostCSS plugins. Its functionality is not limited to basic minification only, but it also features many Pro options that make the focused optimistic possible. In addition to all its features, it is capable of reading the Z-Index value, custom identifier reduction, and length conversion. In other words, CSSNano has got everything to please you. It’s genuinely of the best PostCSS plugins which are easy to use and comes with a lot of useful features.

#8 Write SVG

postcss plugins webpack

Imagine how fantastic experience it would be to write the SVG right into the CSS files? The Write SVG plugin exist to achieve this goal and make things possible. It’s a very handy PostCSS plugin that makes it possible to store the SVG icons and backgrounds in the CSS file. Later, these get added to the relevant HTML elements. So, that’s how this plugin actually works to write the SVG right into the SVG files. We suggest you give it a try if it’s offering something you’re a fan of.

#9 PostCSS Sprites

postcss syntaxes cannot be used as plugins

Generating image sprites was never an easy job. However, PostCSS Sprites plugin has made it possible. Don’t you know what image Sprites are? Well, it’s the collection of images stored into a single file in order. You need to set a few points and then the plugin will extract all the images from your stylesheet and will merge them into one sprite. After that, the plugin auto updates the references for images whenever required.

Furthermore, you can also use it’s filters and groupers to categories the images you want to put into a sprite. Additionally, you can set the dimensions for output images too. Overall, it’s another best PostCSS plugins that we think can be an excellent option for you.

#10 Lost Grid

postcss file extension

It’s another excellent PostCSS plugin in the list that can offer you an impressive CSS grid system. This system doesn’t work ONLY with the plain CSS, but also with the preprocessor languages. It utilises the calc() function to generate beautiful looking grids. Furthermore, you can use these grids easily without spending your precious time in customising it. Overall, if you’re looking for a PostCSS plugin to generate beautiful grids, this one’s for you.

#11 RuckSack

postcss variables

It’s another strong PostCSS plugin favourite among developers. It exists to make CSS development an easy job. RuckSack is modular and is built on PostCSS. Additionally, it’s lightning fast, and it doesn’t add any bloat.

Furthermore, it’s easy to integrate this tool in your workflow. Also, since it is built on PostCSS, it works best on most CSS post and preprocessors. It can even be integrated into the stylus within no time. Overall, it’s another one of the awesome PostCSS plugins with great features and ease of use factor.

#12 LostCSS

LostCSS is capable of transforming Color keywords such as lime, aqua, blue and more to any other desired colour. It comes with the webcolorspackage, and that enables this plugin to create three unique colour palettes. Furthermore, one can use these three palettes in any stylesheets. To add the colour palettes, simply use the standard Color names, and that’s it. Overall, it’s an easy to use plugin among the best PostCSS plugins that you should try in 2019.


So, those are the 12 awesome PostCSS plugins that you can use in 2019. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and you’ve found the best one from this awesome PostCSS plugins list. Also, read Best Free Online Pattern Generators| Top 11 Of 2019 and 15 Best Material Design WordPress Themes| Best Of 2019. Thanks for reading this post here at Also, do follow us more such updates and posts.

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