Are you looking for the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020? Your search ends here at The Website Dev. We have hunted and reviewed the top 10 best table of contents WordPress plugins 2020 for you. Read on this post till the end to find the best plugin for your website. 

What Is Table Of Content (ToC) Plugin?

You must be knowing that Google, Bing and all major search engines love long posts. But, the question here is how the audience or visitors navigate through such a lengthy and giant piece of content?

Table of contents plugins comes into the picture as an answer to this question. If you are publishing long blogs on your website, Table of contents plugins can help you provide exact information to your visitors, like what your post contents, what facts you have included etc. 

Adding the ToC plugin will enable your visitors to jump to any section within the content of their interest. Above, this will improve user engagement and experience. Therefore, it’s a win/win from both publisher and reader point of view. 

What’s more? The benefits of adding ToC to your blog post is not limited to reader or visitor engagement only; this will, in fact, improve your content’s search engine visibility as well. Almost every content published with ToC, Google adds a link in the meta description section on SERP to help audience jump directly to links from search results. 

With so many benefits, it genuinely makes sense to install the right from some of the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020 on your website. Here we are going to list the top 10 best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020 for you. So, read on this post till the end, know which one is a perfect plugin for you website, and install the one. 

Best Table Of Contents WordPress Plugins 2020

WordPress repository is flooded with many ToC plugins, and most of them are now outdated in 2020. We know the disadvantages of having an outdated plugin installed on WordPress website. Therefore we would suggest you install only the latest and updated plugins from the list below. 

Without doing any jargons, let’s get started with the list now and explore the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020.

#1 Easy Table Of Contents

As the name suggests, it’s one of the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020 that is super easy to use. It auto-generates the ToC for all your blog posts based on headings you have used in the content. If you want to customize the header selection for the table, you can do that as well under settings or at the bottom of every post in editor. It works very efficiently with posts, pages, and custom posts. 

Furthermore, there are several other options that allow users to auto-insert ToC in a wide range of contents. You can also choose and modify the table location, that on the top, at the bottom, at the top left/right, at the bottom left/right etc. Other than these, one can also modify the width, height, font skin, colour and design of the table according to their taste. Overall, it’s one of the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020 you should install on your wordpress website.

#2 Ultimate Blocks Plugin

First of all, this one is not a dedicated ToC plugin; it’s actually a Custom Gutenberg Block plugin offering ToC functionality. If you’re a fan of Gutenberg Editor, this one is made for you. One of the best things about this plugin is that it’s easy to use and it doesn’t require any additional settings to work. Once you install and activate this plugin on your WordPress website, you just need to insert its Table Of Contents Block to your blog post, and that’s it. 

Once activated and inserted, Ultimate Blocks will auto-generate the ToC from headings of your post. Another best thing about this plugin is you can place ToC anywhere in your content. All in all, it’s another option among the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020 to go with.

#3 Fixed ToC

It’s one of the very stylish ToC plugin 2020 which allow users to display unique and engaging ToC on their WP website. It scans your content thoroughly and detects all the headings you have made. After detection, it generates and displays the ToC for posts based on headings it has detected. It works well with almost every type of content.

Furthermore, this plugin features two showcase styles, that’s Fixed Sidebar and Smart Show. Also, there are several styles you can choose to get started. You can also select a custom colour, font, position, size etc. for the selected ToC styles. 

What’s more? This plugin also features smooth scrolling function which allows visitors to scroll to any section in your content via ToC. All In all, it’s another one of the best ToC wordpress plugins you won’t regret going with.

#4 CM Table Of Contents

If you are looking for the most up-to-date ToC plugin, you won’t find any better option than CM Table Of Contents. It’s one of the best plugins CreativeMinds team has ever created. It features a dedicated option which ensures WP owners that ToC is displayed only on single pages and posts. Another impressive fact about this plugin is that you can give a custom name or title to the table. After installation, you can find all these features and settings under CM Table Of Contents >> Settings. 

Furthermore, CM Table Of Contents does not generate tables automatically; you will have to check the ToC box at the end of every post to enable it. If you want to use its premium features like auto table creation, custom location placement etc. then you will have to buy its premium version. Overall, it’s one of the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020 you can install and use on your WordPress website. 

#5 Thrive Architect

First of all, let me clarify that this plugin is not only a ToC plugin but also a page builder loaded with tons of fantastic features. One of the coolest features this page builder comes with is automated ToC builder element. After inserting this element to any content on your wordpress website, it will auto-generate a ToC for the content. Feel free to drag and drop the element anywhere you want in your content.

Furthermore, it allows you to choose a wide range of headings from H1 to H6 for the table. Once you select the number of headings, all you need to do is click on Update option, and ToC will be generated accordingly. There are several admin options as well, which are designed to help you control the ToC in the easiest way possible. One can also modify the width and text alignment inside the plugin. All in all, it’s another one of the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020 that offers the most dynamic way of adding ToC in contents.

#6 Table Of Contents Plus

When it comes to numbers, the ToC Plus plugin pops up as the most popular ToC plugin for WP. Table Of Contents Plus plugin active right now on more than 300000+ websites and is among the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020. However, please note that developers have not updated this plugin from last three years, making it quite outdated plugin in this list, but still an efficient ToC option available out there on WordPress store.

Furthermore, this ToC plugin offers the most straightforward way of adding ToC to contents on WordPress. It allows publishers to deploy it on almost every content, posts, pages and custom post types. One can also modify its location in content or on-page and define the number of heading tags to be considered for table generation as well. Smooth scrolling effect, showing the hierarchy, etc. are some of its best features making it among the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020 to have on a wordpress website.

#7 The Shortcode Table Of Contents

As can easily be guessed from its name, this plugin uses shortcodes for the generation of Table Of Contents plugin. In other words, with this plugin, you need to use shortcodes to add and use ToC on your contents, blog posts, and pages. 

Furthermore, there is a wide range of shortcode parameters like contents, headers, anchor-text, speed, anchor class etc. Overall, it’s among the best free table of contents wordpress plugins 2020. Install only if you are ready and comfortable with shortcodes. 

#8 Multipage

Again, as clear from the name itself, it’s one of those table of contents plugins that generate a table for multiple pages and posts. With this plugin, you can easily divide a post or page into multiple sub-posts or sub-pages and then show ToC on every page. This plugin actually redirects visitors to subpages, and that will be counted as a page view.

Furthermore, if you have some CSS knowledge, you can use your skills to customize its look. You can simply create a new multipage.css file and place that into the theme/CSS/folder. Overall, this is another plugin on the list of the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020 that you should install on your wordpress website, especially if you know how to play with CSS.

#9 Element Pack

best table of contents

It’s an add-on elementor plugin that extends or boosts the functionality of popular Elementor page builder. It has a collection of about 100 addons, and Table Of Content is one of them. If you are already using Elementor page builder, and now want to add the table of content to your posts and pages, you won’t find any better option than Element Pack addon. 

Furthermore, Elementor Pack offers a floating ToC button, and visitors can toggle this button to show or hide the table. There is a toggle option for sub-headings as well. However, please note that it’s a paid/premium plugin which will cost you $99 per year. All in all, if you have Elementor page builder and already using it for your website, you must go with Element pack table of contents addon.

#10 LuckyWP Table Of Contents

best table of contents

It’s another one of the excellent Gutenberg supported ToC plugin developed by LuckyWP team. It’s a highly customizable plugin that you can use to add the table of contents functionality to your webpages, posts and post types. 

Furthermore, this plugin allows users to deploy ToC both automatically and manually. If comfortable, you’re also free to use shortcodes or Gutenberg blocks. Also, to make sure that the table is generated for all your longer posts and pages, you can set the minimum number of headings to display ToC. You can also show ToC in a linear or hierarchical view, customise width, title font, size, weight, and float. 

What’s more? This ToC plugin features four unique colour schemes, that’s white, light, dark and transparent. Toggle show/hide, customizable labels, smooth scrolling etc. are some of its best features, making it the last option among the best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020. 

What About Adding Table Of Contents Manually In WordPress?

If you want to add a table of contents manually in your wordpress posts and pages without using any third-party plugin, you can!!

best table of contents

If you are using Gutenberg editor, it’s insanely easy to add a table of contents. Here’s how to add a table of contents manually in wordpress posts and pages without using any third-party plugin:

Step 1: First of all, you need to highlight the Header and then click on the “Advanced” option available on the right-hand side menu. 

Next: you just need to enter an anchor name there in the available “ HTML Anchor” box. 

Step 3: Now you need to go back to the section you want to link to it. All you need to do is just select the text and link it with a # before the anchor name. 

That’s all. You have successfully added the table of contents to your post or page without installing any plugins or tools, In case if you’re confused or finding the steps hard to understand, just look at the screenshot attached above. 


So, those are the top 10 best table of contents wordpress plugins 2020. Feel free to install and use any of these you think is a perfect fit for your website, posts, and pages. We have also explained how to add a table of contents manually in wordpress posts and pages without using any third-party plugin. So, if you don’t want to use any plugin, no problem, go with the alternative way as explained above.

So, that’s all with this post. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and you have found the best table of contents wordpress plugin for your website. Do follow The Website Dev to read more posts and articles related to WordPress tools, plugins and development. Thanks again for reading this post.

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